Sunday, 26 June 2011



I welcomed the Solstice sunrise
beside Oak of colossal height
until trunk and leaves, skin and hair
were bathed in golden light.

It illuminated the darker spots
within our living Souls
to leave us cleansed and free again
to fulfil our destined roles.

I sat down with my back against
the solid grainy bark,
and closed my eyes to meditate
to the warbling of skylark.

I felt the sap of this Forest King
rising up in me,
then my skin began to grow coarse and rough
while each arm sprouted branches three.

The veins in my hands became veins in my leaves
and I turned them to catch the Sun.
My roots anchored deep into the Earth.
Metamorphosis had begun.

I felt the currents of the land
coming alive with the summer tide.
My thoughts became more languid then,
and pushed trivial concerns aside.

From here, my awareness extended out
to commune with other trees
and I absorbed it all, the hurt the anger
toward humans - our greatest disease.

We're slaughtered to make their furniture,
build summer houses and sheds,
and then our remains are squashed to form
pretty edgings for their beds.

No memorial service is held for us
we're just tossed on an open fire,
and they never spare a thought for our pain
on this sacrificial pyre.

With fellow-feeling I was overwhelmed,
so the connection I had to break.
Then back once more in human form,
some action I had to take.

Ashamed of all we've inflicted on them,
such noble, yet defenceless friends,
I channelled the healing power of love
in an attempt to make amends.


I've learned a lot this Solstice Day
of the awareness of all living things,
and compassion has grown inside my heart.
This Druid has grown wings!


  1. Growing up trees were some of my best friends. To touch them was to feel their living presence. Unfortunately that forest too is now lost to development. I liked the assimilation passages.

  2. What a magnificient poem this is. I also love the photos! Hope you had a great time in Wales. It is something I would have loved to experience myself! Well done you :)

  3. And amends you have made with your compassion.

    Fellow-feelings felt.

  4. Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. It was a great week - and quite moving at times! Trees have always been a love of mine. It is an instinctive thing with me:-)


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