Friday, 22 July 2011


Ode to Jonathan

My weakness began
on The Voyage of the Damned.
Damned? How?
Because that's when
I first saw you.
Human Nature being what it is,
Consuming Passions soon took hold
of a wayward heart.
It was exquisite torture,
far greater than any inflicted
by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Were you aware
I followed you to Brazil, where
Angel-like, your white wings
lifted a Soul from mediocrity
to soar with you?
your Bride of the Wind
raced with you across blue sky,
way above the gathering
storm clouds,
into a Multi-million Pound Fantasy.

Finally alone with you
in Peter Pan's Never Never Land,
sharing the ecstasy
of a Haunted Honeymoon.
Haunted by if only's and
what if's, in a mirage
too intoxicating to ever leave.

Crazier even
than The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen,
this haunting virtual reality
has brought  Regeneration
to a jaded life.
The mental Stigmata are healed now.
This has truly been
What a Girl Wants!



  1. Ah, Unconditional Love.

    Nice title playing Ygraine.

  2. wow - a beautiful adventure.

  3. Thank you, Gnome. Had great fun with this one!!!

  4. Thank you, Shauna. One day my fantasies will get me into deep trouble!!

  5. Very well woven between titles! Charming indeed!


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