Sunday, 7 August 2011




  1. Beautiful drawings! I'd say that the second is def a nightmare the first (poor sunflower) is rather interesting but what I find a bit disturbing is the open door - *chuckles* -

  2. I don't find either to be a nightmare but if to choose one I'd say the second.

    The first pic is interesting in that the girl's black hair and possibly the girl herself flows into or from a crack in the wall. The posture of the blond woman is as if in repose or about to levitate.

    Dream on.

  3. I see what you mean.

    A Dream to some a Nightmare to others!

  4. Rose, that open door felt quite manacing when I was painting it. Felt like my alter ego may have been lurking behind it! Don't think I'd like to bump into it!!

  5. You are so perceptive, Gnome! The dark haired girl is being drawn up into the crack. She is the Soul of the house.
    The blonde girl is the sensuality of the house, the physical part - she is dressed rather provocatively. I feel they are both dormant parts of my psyche.:-)

  6. Great to hear from you again Austin! Yes, a nightmare to me, especially the overgrown spider. I dream of them often when I'm stressed!!!:-)


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