Sunday, 13 November 2011


I came across you one summer's day
While rambling through countryside far away.
I found you such a beautiful thing,
So expertly crafted from claw to wing.

Every feather was true to life
And as I drew nearer I felt the knife
That had carved a totem from living wood,
Creating a species not yet understood.

You incarnated on Earth as a Tree,
But who you are now is what puzzles me.
Are you this Owl that my eyes behold,
Or is it still Spirit of Tree that you hold?

Your lack of movement denies the former,
Plus if you were he you'd feel much warmer.
Yet, although hewn from trunk you're more than Tree.
So Treeowl I conclude you to be!


  1. I very much enjoyed that poem and more especially as I am a co-founder member of an Owl Grove :)

  2. Such a charming poem. With brilliant flow. I can imagine though that the tree was long dead and the tree spirit would be pleased to be carved into such a magnificient shape to take flight at night. Lovely image of your treeowl :D

  3. What a beautiful poem. So enchanting and full of Spirit. I have a special fondess for Owls and i love the carved tree trunk. So special. thank you for sharing this magical poem!

    Blessings, V.

  4. Funny you mention coming across this carving on a sunny day Ygraine. I did the same a few years ago, at Rutland Water wasn't it!

  5. Mel, Thank you!
    It is really interesting that you are co-founder member of an Owl Grove. I would like to hear more about it sometime:)

  6. Rose, Thank you!
    I, too, can imagine it taking flight at night. How I'd love to ride on it's back - I wonder where it would take me?!

  7. Blessings, Vivienne!
    Thank you. I have always felt a special connection to Owls (and to Trees), so this enchanting combination of both took my breath away!
    So happy you liked it:)

  8. Hi Austin,
    Great to hear from you again.
    You are absolutely spot-on! I found this wonderful carving at Rutland Water.
    Stunning, isn't it?


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