Saturday, 11 February 2012


Remember nineteen-seventy-nine
And the golden couple who looked so fine?
Remember how we all aspired
To emulate them, an image inspired?

Whatever happened to Simon and Jo
Who lit up the room wherever they'd go?
So in love and full of joy
Until the birth of  their little boy.

Now their son is twenty-four
And Joanne's spirits are on the floor,
While Simon's running around the town,
Nightly breaking his marriage down.

Overweight, in drab attire,
Jo's once brilliant eyes of fire
Are now a dull and jaded grey.
She wishes she could die today.

Simon's no time to spare a thought
For those at home, although he ought.
He's busy searching high and low
For his lost youth, young blonde in tow.

After what's happened to Simon and Jo,
The marital path I think I'll forgo.
A life of conflict isn't for me,
From Venus verses Mars I intend to be free! 


  1. That happens far too often unfortunately :( A wonderful capture of life with it's unexpected twists and turns when two people venture into the unknown together. One is always more committed than the other to tending the garden of marital bliss!

    1. Rose, you are so right!
      If only there could be equality of feelings in relationships, then we would all be so much happier.
      Or perhaps it's just my disillusioned viewpoint!!

  2. I've been free of martial bliss/agony for over 10 years and two divorces is the reason why. Getting back to your poem, its very rhythmic and true to life, well done :-).

    1. Thank you, Windsmoke.
      Sorry to hear you have been there twice, but as you mention, at least you are now free of the bliss/agony.
      You are also very brave!

  3. Hi Ygraine...Gorgeous poetry...powerful lyrics for a song..I could feel such energy to this piece on mnay levels! I especially love the last line! Potent!

    1. Victoria, thank you so much.
      I hadn't thought of it as a song. What a wonderful compliment!
      Is it just the way I see it, or are relationships really a minefield? :/

  4. Whatever happened to them indeed ! The ideal lost in the visions of another era ? Perhaps the constraints of a contract soured the dream ? Maybe the need to chase the youth lost inside the memory of love ? Could be an unconscious desire to hurt the other ? Whatever it is, your narrative voice has captured the freedom we crave for. The funny thing is they never know when exactly they stopped loving each other and entered the world of " irreconcialable differences". Thanx 4 sharing Ygraine. I love it.

    1. Hi William,
      Many thanks for your comment.
      Almost makes you afraid to embark on a new relationship, doesn't it?
      I mean, there so many hidden pitfalls. Even as I was writing this, I felt quite uneasy!!

  5. Maybe it isn't the marital path that's the problem, but the boy.

    Well, they had ten good years at least. :)

    1. Hi Gnome,
      I do believe you could well be right here.
      Although I guess it also takes two to break a relationship as well as make one.
      I find it painful to watch lovers gradually tearing each other to pieces :(

  6. I think Williamz may have put his finger on it - The ideal lost in the visions of another era ?
    I often look back to childhood - but never with a short focus lens.

    1. Hi Dave,
      I totally agree. Ideals can be so dangerous though, don't you agree?
      I don't appear to have your wisdom - I only seem to possess a short focus lens!

  7. Clever wordplay and some nice rhymes and flow :) Another story about broken futures. For some reason this reminded me of the lyrics to 'The Kids Aren't Alright'.

    1. Hi Ray,
      Thank you. Being a deep thinker, I can't help wondering why so many futures do break.
      Are we less inclined to work at relationships than past generations did, or is it that we are less tolerant of perceived slights?
      If I had the answer to that, I'd be sitting on a gold mine!!

  8. Hi Ygraine,lovely poem,like it.

    1. Hi Sunny and welcome!
      So pleased you liked my poem.
      Thank you so much :)

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Celestial Dreamz,
      I really appreciate that.
      Many, many thanks :)


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