Friday, 12 August 2016


Irresistible urge to plant a kiss
upon those sensuous pallid lips,
while listening to the priest reminisce
about a life in constant eclipse.

Oh why did he die at the very beginning
of the penultimate episode?
I wanted him there to the end and winning
the battle with his cousin - that toad!

From silver spoon that ushered him in
to the Reaper's final swathe,
he's been here buried under my skin -
in his essence I constantly bathe.

So what comes next for Ryan Gage
now Louis is dead and gone?
Wish I had courage to slip backstage
and interrogate his hangers-on.

And what on earth will become of me
now The Musketeers is finished?
Guess I'll be reduced to the epitome
of dreamer with all hope diminished. ;)

I am taking some time off now, as I have just begun a new college course. 
The workload is huge, so I fear I won't be writing much over the next few months.:/
However, I will post and visit you as often as I can.

Wishing you all a great summer (well, the rest of it!).:))
I will miss you all...xoxoxo


  1. Hi Ygraine..beautiful and so lyrical..I can feel the movement in your words, like a dance of language and energy! How intriguing a poem, sparking many fantastic images in my mind!
    I will miss you,enjoy your new course, wishing you many sparkles and enjoy the rest of summer ...and hope you can squeeze in an Autumnal poem in the months ahead!! I look forward to your return!
    Shine on sister-kindred
    Have a most magical day, thanks for always adding magic to mine!!

    1. Oh thank you, dearest much!
      This was just a little tongue-in-cheek one for a change (I thought maybe I'd been getting a bit too serious recently LOL)

      Thank you, yes, the course is going well so far. The work is demanding, but I'm really enjoying it.
      I am really missing everyone though...there is so little time at the moment to visit and write.:(
      Still, hopefully, when I've properly settled in I'll have more time to myself! :)

      With you in Spirit always, dear Kindred Sister...and wishing you a magical day!

      Big Hugs & Warmest Blessings xoxoxo

  2. You are an enchantress with your words and a dreamer of the heart. You are a magical person of the soul...and a Druid who watches over all.
    You are a true friend that I feel connected to though we've never met. Because you share your dreams and magical thoughts here and I feel as if I've come home.

    So beautiful, dearest Ygraine~

    Big Hugs and Lots of Love

    1. Oh WOW, that is truly amazing!
      Dearest Jan...I feel I have always known you too. It is as if we have had a deep connection that had endured through many lifetimes...a true and deep friendship!
      And that makes me feel SO blessed...

      Thank you from the depths of my heart.:))

      All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  3. Will miss U, friend Yggy ... and will welcome U back with open arms ... anytime ... and good luck in furthering Ur education, hmmm? Love, cat.

    1. Ha...I must be the maturest student on record!! lol
      Not sure just how much these brain cells will take on board, but just had to give it a go!
      Been really missing you too...but I will drop in whenever I can find a moment.
      I couldn't stay away from my brilliant Blogger friends for too long - I'd get withdrawal symptoms!!

      Have a fab day...and Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  4. amazing ! I send you hugs and love dear Ygraine!!

    1. Oh thank you so much, dearest Gloria!

      I do so hope things are going OK with you.
      And it is really good to be in touch again - if only briefly at the moment.
      I have really missed you!:/

      Lots of Love xoxoxo

  5. A very fitting heartfelt response to entertainment that now must be replaced.
    Enjoy what’s left of the summer as well…

    1. Ha...the irrepressible teenager in me fighting to the surface again!! lol
      Saturday evenings have suddenly become rather empty now...

      Many thanks, Anthony.

      Wishing you a great Sunday...:))

  6. Take care my friend! I will miss you! Have fun at the new college course!
    As always, your words are amazing and magical!
    Sending BIG HUGS your way!!

    1. Oh thank you so much, Sweetie!
      And thank you also for your beautifully inspiring post this week.
      You have no idea how much it has helped me to find my inner confidence...

      Lots & Lots of Love and Big Hugs back!! :))

  7. You are amazing with words. Love this!

    1. Thank you so much, Lux...I so appreciate that.:))

      Have a magical Sunday!


  8. Great writing as always. I am so excited for you about the college course! Please let us know how it goes :)

    1. Many thanks, Keith...that means so much to me!

      Yes, it is going well so far...the work isn't by any means easy, and it is really demanding timewise...but I am thoroughly enjoying it.
      The only downside is that I miss you all...

      Have a great day! :))

  9. I'm sure you'll come back with more beauty in words.

    1. you see: I couldn't stay away! *smiles*

      Many thanks, good to hear from you again, and I hope all is good with you.:))

  10. Yes, lovely, enchanting words, I agree.

    I hope you have a wonderful break Ygraine and good luck with the new courses, how exciting!!!

    We are moving in a couple of days, I can't wait!!! Adventures await.

    Hugs and BFN, G

    1. Oh gosh...I just must be in the middle of your move by now!
      I so hope all is going well for you...yes, a wonderful adventure. Please do let me know how it is going when you have time?

      Thank you so are so kind.:)

      Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo


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