Thursday, 25 July 2013


And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,
some to everlasting life, and some to shame
and everlasting contempt.
Daniel 12:2

The heart will be judged first,
So of all your deeds, which is the worst?

For murder or manslaughter, it's destination hell:
For rape or torture, it's there as well.

For misdemeanours minor, like thieving and lies,
It's rebirth in lower forms, such as flies.

But for the heart full of love it's a different story.
This one will surely ascend in glory.

Secondly, the mind will be on display,
For there'll be no brain to hide thoughts away.

So if you've been thinking of revenge and hate,
Then I'm sorry to say for you It's too late;

For I clearly hear Lucifer stoking his fire
As he waits for you - your situation's dire.

But if you've focused on loving and giving,
Then your Soul in paradise will soon be living.

Last to be assessed is your Spirit's progression -
It's best if your lives have been free of obsession.

If divine intuition has moved you along
Your designated path with a cheerful song,

Then I can honestly say I'm happy for you:
Incarnation's harsh lessons are finally through!


  1. no time I have to leave, I'll come back later to read this I promise

  2. Like the poem. The words play out so well with each other. Now to deal with the message, and wonder if I’ve loved enough?

    1. I was walking in the graveyard at Coverack, and I just couldn't resist writing something a little tongue-in-cheek!
      Many thanks:)

  3. Oh I am doomed for sure :) !! Love the poem perfect rhyme and rhythm! Hmm, I wonder what I will be in my next life, please let it be a cat, so at least I would have nine lives at one time *chuckles* (just so I can try, and try until I get it right!) xxx

    1. Haha:D...Dread to think what I will be, only please don't let it be a spider. Would be peculiar being terrified of myself!!lol xx

  4. Hitler's in hell, going from there I say, that the first thing you do when you die, is see your life, your action your thoughts and the effect even of your thoughts on others, and that decides at what level o f Love your soul will go, 'cause there are many levels...and no, people who commit suicide don't go to hell they just have to relive the same pain in different circumstances and not kill themselves if they do, they go back, I've made my peace with my soul I've looked at myself as clearly as I could on the small mindedness, on the anger and pain wished on others, and the hate how I hate the one who threw me out of my house and killed my sweetest cat, and that hate I fell I know I will see and acknowledge, I have seen all of my mistakes and also all the Love and help I bestowed upon human beings without a second thought, and that will count too, I think I will come ahead in the love-hate-revenge, or maybe I won't either way I can tell you and everybody else that I did the best I could with the knowledge I had in this lifetime and that is all we can do....

    1. Yes...when you think about it - I mean REALLY think about it, we all have to judge our own actions sooner or later.
      I do think more carefully now than I used to about cause and effect...about the possible effect on others of my words and deeds.
      I hope I am becoming a better person now...I hope my presence is a comfort, rather than a drain on another's energy. I hope I am learning to love...:)

  5. I loved the poem, the rhythm, the pace, the concept behind it. It all falls into place. I read a couple of times in a row, the second time taking my time and savouring the words. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you!
      I needed to write something light-hearted in that rather sombre setting.
      It was such a beautiful location...the words just flowed!
      I am so happy you liked it.:)

  6. I hope I will not be judged harshly.
    I have made mistakes but ....

    Loved these lines the most
    "but if you've focused on loving and giving
    then your soul in paradise will soon be living"

    Your comment on my post today was very loving and special and made me feel better!
    I am sad so thank you.

    1. I'm sure you won't, Margie!
      Your beautiful Soul can be clearly seen in the words you write.
      Being human means making you know of anyone who hasn't?! I guess we're meant to learn from them...

      Oh Margie, that post was so moving. I do so feel for you xxx

    2. You are too kind!
      Thank you!

  7. There is a beauty here that comes from the soul and to which the intellect must bow.

    1. Oh I hope so, Dave...and my heartfelt thanks:)


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