Friday, 2 August 2013


He rests on pillows all askew,
beneath duvet tied in knots
and peers with bleary eyes at you,
as he tells you he loves you lots.

It's just his way of placating you
in case you've tripped over the mess
and through the air headlong flew
like the nine-fifteen express!

'Mind my I-Pad!' he mumbles in
that familiar half-asleep way.
You want to scold, but hold it in.
'Are you getting up today?'

But there's no reply as he's back to sleep.
So you pause to gaze around
at the shambles of a massive heap
of technology gone to ground.

His clothes are discarded in disarray
all over the beer stained floor
and so you tidy them all away,
then head for the bedroom door.

But your foot becomes entangled in
a spaghetti junction of cables
that make up an assault course within
the arc of his play station tables.

You stumble and land upon the bed,
waking him up with a start.
'Mum! Please be careful where you tread!'
he implores you from the heart.

But all you see are the coffee stains -
noodle and curry too,
splattered over duvet cover. How it pains
you, for this one you've just bought new.

He's exasperating, he's the bane of your life.
He drives you to distraction.
He brings you nought but anxiety and strife -
yet a certain satisfaction.

For in spite of his faults, he's all you have:
your friend, your inspiration.
He's the child you thought you'd never have -
your miracle of creation.


  1. Replies
    1. So I'm not alone in this after all! lol
      Many thanks Nyssa xxx

  2. I have one just like you describe to the last word,would not be without them,but sometimes infuriating! Great summer read and a bit of fun.

    1. Seems mine is quite normal then!
      Well...that is a huge relief.
      Many thanks :)

  3. Enjoyed this very much... Sort of glad mine were all daughter, based on this:)

    1. Thank you Anthony.
      Yes...perhaps you were lucky. Although apparently I was rather a handful! haha:D

  4. Oh, the teenage son, they can give us some grief (mine did, just a little though, he's now 24 and one of my greatest joys)

    I loved your ending!
    Brought me a great big smile as I so related!
    Thank you.

    1. So good to have other long-suffering mothers who have been here too!
      In spite of it all, I wouldn't change a thing...except, perhaps, the untidiness! lol

      Thank you so much Margie xxx

  5. oh sweety I hope this is true...mine will be 26 this month, now his wife can worry about the mess ahah I love this, bravo

    1. I often wonder if mine will ever have a wife!
      He's so into his motor racing that he says he has no time for it seems I'll be living in a shambles for some time yet!!:/
      Thank you Lorraine x

  6. at the shambles of a massive heap
    of technology gone to ground.

    This made me smile. The final couplet brought a lump to my throat. A very fine poem indeed, one that must surely touch many a parent.

    1. Believe me, Dave, this is no exaggeration...he is a self-confessed 'lost case' haha:D
      Many thanks...I really appreciate that:)

  7. Dear Ygraine, how well you have described a mother's feelings in your delicious quatrains!
    Very well rhymed and constructed.
    Teenage sons and daughters...I also know well!
    I have seen that same scene so many times...
    It's a mixture of exasperation, frustration, grey humor and, most of all, generous love, that love which forgives everything.
    I can relate especially to this line:
    He's the child you thought you'd never have

    I love your precise description in these two:
    But your foot becomes entangled in
    a spaghetti junction of cables

    Yesss, I have also seen this mess!

    A hug and a smile from another mum.

    1. we mothers do suffer, yet we wouldn't change them for the world, would we?!

      Thank you so much, Dulcina.
      Your words are so appreciated xxx

  8. That's why we've banned food up in his bedroom! :-D Ahhh... I recognise that picture so well and your poem describes that situation so beautifully. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. I tried banning it too...but he still sneaks it in!Haha:D
      Parenthood is no easy task, is it???
      Many thanks:)

  9. Oh Superb! You've got this one tacked just right :) Well done. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much, Rose!
      Guess I just had to get it off my chest!! Haha:D

  10. Tempo di vacanze per me. Un felice agosto a Te ... ciao

    1. Many thanks Giancarlo...and hope you are having a great week :)

  11. Just in case you don't know about my new site you can just hit my name, softly please, kidding lol


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