Saturday, 16 November 2013

THE MYTH OF YGRAINE (according to Google)

Inspired by Brian Miller's brilliant poem, "The Life of Brian (according to Google & not Monty Python)"

Who is Ygraine?
She is a mystic.
A soothsayer and analyst
who lives mostly inside her mind,
grasping prophecies
from within it's depths
to see the larger picture
of Fate's intentions:
a destiny of mythic proportions.

solitary introspection
makes her seem aloof -
a trait some find irresistible.
Of noble de Bois descent,
she is wife to a Duke,
mistress of the King.
Do we really believe her
a mere pawn in Myrddin's plan?

bears Uther's son
in the draughty stone castle
on the Head of Tintagel,
where a legend is born
on this fateful day
that is here to stay
until time expires:
our Once And Future King.

So what of Ygraine
now she's played her part
in Clas Myrddin's story?
With Arthur crowned King,
her status has risen
to Queen de facto.
As for this Ygraine
who stands here before you:
well she is...unremarkable.

Many thanks for the prompt, Brian.
I had great fun with this one!


  1. Oh You Magnificent One, never had a doubt about your Royalty, it's in every word and oh man do I Love this, I only that Lorraine is a place in France...

    1. life has been so ordinary compared to my namesake's!
      Have you thought of Googling "Lorraine"?
      Could be really interesting...:)

  2. I saw Brian's version of this last week and I loved it. I really like this one too! Totally awesome. And how neat that you're a Once And Future King :)

    1. Yes, I loved Brian's poem. Just had to try it myself...especially to lighten the mood after last week's post!
      It was very enlightening...
      Many thanks Keith:)

  3. ha. google created quit the myth for you...mistress of the kind...just be careful to keep your head...smiles. ah but dont sell yourself short...unremarkable, i dont believe that for a moment...smiles..

    1. Don't worry...I'll definitely not lose my head...haha
      Could never imagine myself anything like the illustrious Ygraine of Arthurian fame!
      This Ygraine rather enjoys being obscure...*chuckles*
      Many thanks Brian:)

  4. You are not unremarkable at all, my dear friend, and I can see your invisible crown through your smart words, no matter what Google says. Thanks a lot for sharing your amazing virtual biography, all your lives through the years, and yesss, this is such a good idea that I'm going to Google my name right now, hehehe.
    I do believe you!
    A hug.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Dulcina, although I'm not sure I deserve such generous praise!
      This Ygraine simply enjoys experimenting with words...sculpting them into the shape of her inner emotions and perceptions.
      Oh yes...please do Google your name...I would love to see what you discover there...maybe a new myth!
      Hugs x

  5. Wonderful poem. I see you in this. A legend. A history evolving in your own time.

    1. You have given me such an exciting idea, Anthony!
      I would love to play that other Ygraine in a theatre production or something similar. I can visualise wearing that wonderful Arthurian costume and losing myself in legend for a few hours...oh such bliss...*smiles*
      Many, many thanks:)

  6. How magical and wonderful...beautifully written!

    Hello, name is Jan :) I have seen your comments on other blogs and enjoyed them. I always wanted to visit your blog and to meet you...I finally did and I am very pleased that I have. I am now a new follower...


    1. Hi great to meet you.
      Thank you so much for visiting, and for your wonderful comment.
      I would love to visit your blog too...I am on my way! :)

  7. I would say, Ygraine Most Remarkable!
    I am nothing but a depression in the ground.
    However, I can be dressed-up! xx

    1. *smiles* you and I are so similar, Dale!
      Yes...let's both get glammed up for a great night out...xx

  8. i love it :-) and now i feel like reading "the mists of Avalon" <3 xoxo

    1. Wish I could step into those mists...would be a wonderful break from the monotony of ordinary life! Haha:)
      Many thanks, Feathers xx

  9. I love what you've done with this prompt. Very creative and imaginative. I really enjoyed your poem. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. That is really encouraging...thank you so much!

  10. heya...i hope you are having a great week...smiles.

    1. Hi Brian:)
      Yes, thanks, a good week...much better than last!
      Hope yours is great too.:)

  11. want tto do it so you just put your first name on google and pick and choose what you want 'cause that i can do \\hey thank Ygraine and Hi Brian

    1. Yes...please do give it a try!
      I found it great fun, am sure you will too.:)


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