Thursday, 12 December 2013


You've had girlfriends of all star signs
and with each one you've had good times
because you know what you must do
to keep them really keen on you.
Flattery glides effortlessly off your tongue,
you never leave any asset unsung.
Yes, you're an expert on girls: you find
at a glance you can assess each type of mind.
For some are sane and some quite mad.
Some are fun and others sad.
A Cancerian is easiest of all to please,
as she always wears her heart on her sleeve.
Not so the Scorpio girl, who retains
her mystery so quickly your repertoire drains.
The fiery tantrums of an Aries girl
will spin your emotions into a whirl,
while the sexy Libran will turn your head
with the promise of pleasures that lie ahead.
The girl who was born under Taurus the bull
has the figure to die for - if a little full,
not so the sporty Sagittarian lass
who is slender, tanned and full of sass.
And as for unpredictable Gemini?
With her you'll soon be flying high.
But most challenging of all is the Virgo miss
who'll demand the Earth before granting a kiss.
When out on the town you most like to be seen
with a stunning Leo drama queen,
while the shy Aquarian brings out in you
a protective instinct - to you that's new.
Now, the Capricorn girl's pessimism
quickly smothers your optimism.
And finally, romantic Pisces - well,
could she be your Soul Mate? Who can tell?

Oh yes, your specialist subject is girls.
You love the ones with masses of curls.
But straighter locks are sensual too -
just perfect for running fingers through.
You love the made-up, tarty girls;
as well as demure ones draped in pearls.
You like them big, you like them petite,
with other guys you fight to compete.
Oh how you've suffered for your art:
from bruised black eye to broken heart.
Yet still you adore them, one and all -
especially when at your feet they fall!


  1. LOL oh Ygraine you are a genius, an astrological splendour who needs the horrorscope when we have you, I know the kind, I'm the Taurus the girl with the figure to die for if a little full ( right on, on that little full right now) but I have also have curly hair very curly hair, and you do have the gift of the Celtics for the words and romance and poetry to the sexy, I love this it's funny it's genius oh pray tell my Celtic girl this full-figured gall would love to know...pray tell me your sign:EXQUISITE you should have kept if for Monday you know people don't visit much on Saturday then again you can leave it forever, it does cover the entire year, smart cookie you lol ;) i'm going back to read it again lol

    1. Oh Lorraine, you are so kind!
      It was just a little tongue-in-cheek thing that began as a bit of fun to lighten up a blog that I thought had become a bit too gloomy for it's own good recently!

      I am an Aries know, a bit too much energy sometimes...often too forthright and impulsive...
      and I'd LOVE to possess your feminine curves. My figure can only be described as "boyish"...and I loathe it most of the time! *smiles*

      I am so glad it made you smile.:)

  2. I like this. Was this about a modern-day Don Juan? :)

    1. Many thanks Keith.
      Not really intended to be, but I can see how it reads that way*smiles*

      I was just pondering how we females differ so much from each other, so began to wonder about the influence of Astrological signs...and this is what I came up with! :)

  3. ha. this has an enchanting me it comes down to motives...because i find myself a student of people, learning them...and this can def turn real quick into manipulation if you go that route...but also it can be used for great good too...ha, a leo drama know i am a leo right? smiles...this was fun...the guy scares me a bit, but i know him for sure....

    1. So you think I've created a scary guy? Perhaps my cynical masculine side...haha!

      I am surrounded by Leos!
      Most of my family were born under the influence of the lion...and without exception, they all like to compete for the seem different somehow...more thoughtful and understanding of others around you - perhaps a Cancerian influence somewhere in your birth chart?!

      Many thanks for reading...and so glad you liked it...:)

  4. Very much enjoyed.. To have such control over girls..

    1. Haha...know what you mean! I imagine that much control could be scary though...what would there be left to strive for? *smiles*

  5. my dear girl I'm borderline Aries/Taurus April 21, talk about a mess lol I love your poetry in any form , you rock big time

    1. ...mine is April 16, so we're almost "Astro-Sisters"!!
      I thought we had a lot in common lol
      Your encouraging words mean more to me than I can find the words to express. Thank you so, so much xxx

    2. no need to thank me we're Astro-Sisters...;)

    3. What a perfect Solstice present...your friendship!

  6. Advanced Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings and also Thanks and Smiles:) for ur support till now Dear Blogger Buddy God<3U:)

    1. Thank you so much!
      And the very best of Seasonal Greetings to you too.
      Have a wonderful holiday :)

  7. smiles...hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Ah, yes, the silver-tongued devil! He comes in all shapes, sizes and signs, too!
    "Aquarius is me, and with a Libran I'm contented to be!"
    Looking toward the Winter's Solstice. Happy Holidays, Ygraine! xx

    1. *smiles* yes, he certainly does!
      Wow...Aquarius and Libra...ideally suited you two...:)

      You have a great Holiday too xxx


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