Saturday, 28 December 2013


I am no one.
It's cool being no one.
I can be invisible
any time I choose -
can blend into the background.
You'll never notice me
unless I want you to.
I am a transparent shade of grey:
a formless phantom
that shifts like mist
across early morning meadows.
I observe
without being observed.
Yes, it's cool being no one.

And what of you -
are you no one too,
or are you someone?
You are?
Then you have
my deepest sympathy.
It can't be easy
being out there
with nowhere to hide
from prying eyes
and paparazzi lies
that scandalise
your vulnerable side.
And do you not tire
of playing with fire
in media shire,
where consequences dire
await you in mire?
For your struggle for fame
to them is a game.
When it drives you insane
it's you they'll blame...

Oh yes,
They'll remember your name
within a narrow time frame...

but forever your shame.


  1. Yes, but let the words be known. Thank you for letting me notice you my fogged friend. :)

    1. I could never hide from my friends, Tug...even if I wanted to! *smiles*

  2. Brilliant piece...or course I will be blamed too...I'd rather be there with you the invisible one the one who sees we are after all lunar sisters xx

    1. Yes...we Lunar Sisters see all, yet keep our secrets safe.
      Catch us if you can, Paparazzi!! ;) xxx

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  4. It's wonderful what you have put into words - quite precise! It has often crossed my mind, and I have questioned this lust for prominence/being at the top/noticed.
    Myself, I enjoy being this nondescript shade of spruce green - like my vehicle ... of which has hidden itself from me countless times in the car park! I blend in, but you can see me - if you look. xx

    1. I have to be perfectly honest, Dale...when I was in my teens I longed to be noticed. I'd dress outrageously, dye my hair jet black etc. etc., but it never made me happy.
      Now, I prefer just being me - I'm not always happy, but have found a kind of acceptance.
      Many thanks Dale xxx

  5. ha. i have suffered being someone, and my mohawk makes me pretty recognizable in my very conservative town...ha...but i can blend in and get the camoflague on when i need it...i like no one better....smiles.

    1. How great to have the ability to live in both guises when and how you have the best of both worlds...wish I knew your secret...*smiles*
      As a rebellious teenager I often longed to have a Mohawk, but lacked the confidence to go quite that far!
      You have my greatest admiration...:)

    2. ha. i get some looks. i am surprised the school board allows it...when i first started teaching i shaved it off...but let it grow back for a show i was doing and they let it go...the kids love it...

    3. I am so glad!
      It is your trade mark...your individuality.

  6. Happy new year. Feliz año nuevo :) :)

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Boris...the very best :)

  7. It is wonderful to be able to walk among crowds of people and be seen, but yet unseen, so therefore unknown.

    Loved this, Ygraine~~~


    1.'s like donning a cloak of invisibility...Harry Potter eat your heart out!!! *smiles*

      I have been trying to leave comments on your blog, but they keep failing...can you possibly tell me what I'm doing wrong?
      I'm sure it must be me.

      Have a wonderful New Year, Jan.

      Hugs xxx

  8. I love your work. I've tried poetry but it often sounds thin.

    1. Thank you so much, Rick!
      Please do keep trying to write are so talented in other fields...I'm sure you would write the most amazing poetry too...:)

      Happy New Year :)

  9. Wonderful poem... Being someone though, is mostly a state of mind.. We all are no one until we decide, maybe:)

    1. Oh thank you, Anthony...that is SO appreciated!
      Yes...I is all a state of mind.
      I guess it just seems easier and safer to be no one *smiles* :)

  10. happy new year!
    i hope the page turn is a good one for you, full of magic
    and wonder...

    1. Thank you Brian!
      Wishing you all these same blessings...and a safe year in school...:)

  11. Metti la mano sinistra sulla spalla destra e la mano destra sulla spalla sinistra.
    Hai appena ricevuto un abbraccio a distanza. Buon 2014.

    1. Thank you Giancarlo...and
      A very Happy New year to you too:)

  12. Ah, those people looking for fame! Much better being a no-one, yes. So right when you say they play with fire.
    A wise poem indeed.
    When I read your "I observe without being observed.", voyeurs came to my mind though I know you are not one of them, of course!
    About paparazzi, I am completely against their system, but... who dares fight the powerful press? They are bloodsucking mosquitoes: if you try to get rid of them, they will bite you more and more.
    A hug from another unknown no-one (or "someone"?)

    1. Haha...yes...perhaps I am a kind of voyeur - I do like to observe people around me...their mannerisms and reactions to events etc.!
      Many of my poems have been conceived from these observations.

      Oh are definitely a "someone" the nicest possible way, of course!
      You are my dear friend!

      Happy New Year...

      Hugs xxx

  13. I hope 2014 proves to be a good year for you and yours!

    1. Many thanks Jerry...a very happy New Year to you too :)


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