Friday, 8 March 2013


(Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures)
What were his thoughts as the Borg attacked
From beyond the nebula out in deep space?
Was he thinking of his wife back home on Vulcan?
Or was he focused on the Academy's protocol strict
As Voyager's security hit red-alert?
Aware the crew faced assimilation,
Did he experience fear as those missiles rained down
Reducing their shield with each strike on the hull?
No. He was calmly considering manoeuvres
While the ship lurched and jerked, her electrics on fire.
He opened a channel for captain Janeway
To negotiate safe passage through Borg Space, but
The cyberman up there on the screen stood firm:
'You will be assimilated - resistance is futile,'
He just kept repeating. So the outcome looked bleak.
'Power weapons!' shouted Janeway, her patience exhausted;
Then 'FIRE!' and Tuvok immediately complied.
But their missile struck it's target with little effect:
The cube was untouched except for a graze,
Unlike Voyager whose engineering had damage sustained.
'Shields down to ten percent!' yelled Harry Kim,
As damage increased hit after hit.
More and more Cubes were closing around them.
'Increase weapons to maximum power!' screamed Janeway,
Now obviously alarmed for herself and her crew.
'Captain, may I make a suggestion?' asked Tuvok
In his characteristic monotone way.
'If you beam me on board their leading Cube,
I'll apply a mind-meld - the task would be simple
For a logical mind as unfazed as mine.'
With no time for debate, she reluctantly agreed
And notified Transporter Room Two.
In less than ten minutes the battle was over:
With a single Drone disarmed, the Collective shut down.
All Cubes ceased firing, their crews deep in stasis.
Back on board Voyager, Janeway wasted no time.
'Get us out of here, Mr. Paris - warp eight,' she cried.
And everyone cheered and hailed Tuvok a hero.
But not a hint of emotion crossed that impassive face,
Save the raising of an eyebrow, as they shot away through space. 


  1. Can you believe I've never watched Star Trek?? But that being said, I still loved this :)

    1. Wow...I've met a non-Trekki at last! Ha:D
      Thank you for still reading though, Keith.
      Really appreciate it.:)

  2. Love this dear:) Many times I saw Star trek I remember my dad love to watch!

    1. Thank you Gloria!
      I so love Star Trek...probably haven't done it justice with this, but just had to give it a go!!:)

  3. Wow, wow, you've met two non-Trekkies now! (Unless you count watching it with my son.) But I am clued up enough to have thoroughly enjoyed this. You have a real gift for such writing. (WERE you one of the script writers by any chance?)

    1. Gosh...I feel so honoured!
      Thank you so much, Dave.
      I just adore all things Star Trek...would go so far as to admit I've been looking at costumes online! Haha:D
      No, I wasn't one of the script writers, but...I wish!!!

  4. Cool as a cucumber that Tuvok. I dont think that I am a true trekki,but I have watched nearly all the episodes since the sixties Great stuff Ygraine you have a true talent for variety.

    1. I certainly wouldn't mind just a fraction of his coolness! Haha
      I think watching nearly all episodes since the sixties warrants your being at least an honorary Trekkie!!
      Many thanks for reading, Austin :)

  5. Yes indeed I agree with Austin you do have a true talent. I have not watched Star Trek either but this was most enjoyable Ygraine. Loved it!

    1. Thank you so much, Rose!
      I am really glad you enjoyed reading this, although you aren't a fan.
      It was great to have you on board!! Haha:D

  6. Enjoyed. I’ve been away a very long time, yet this was a nice escape, as much as the shows used to be.

    1. So glad to have revived your memory here, Anthony!
      I am still watching endless repeats over and over...I just love all the series so much, especially Voyager.
      Many thanks for visiting :)

  7. Three non-Trekkies! :-) Although I've caught a snippet of it every now and then on one of my Freeview channels. I loved your poem. It's got chuztpah and energy.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you. I so appreciate that!
      I just can't resist these repeats. I am a huge fan of Voyager...and especially lieutenant Tuvok!!:)

  8. I am so sharing this with my wife. She's been on a Voyager kick since we found it on Netflix. Awesome Tuvok tribute! :)

    1. Oh you have so made my day!
      Thank you so much.

      Please wish your wife happy viewing from me!!:)

  9. this seems an appropriate forum to say ive never watched star wars or star trek or the rest. i dont know very much about sc-fi either, but i thought your poem was brilliantly human.

    1. Hi IcyHighs,
      In spite of your not being a fan, I'm so happy you enjoyed reading this.
      And many thanks for your visit. It's great to hear from you.:)

  10. As much as I often wish I could turn off my emotions like Tuvok, I do admire Janeway! She has a bit of both. Me, I am always putting it out there - my heart is on my sleeve.
    I have watched Star Trek since that very first episode when I was nine years old! And, to this day, I am still watching reruns...
    I am honoured to have you as a fellow Star Trek follower! xx

    1. Like you, I always wear my heart on my sleeve...and it all too often causes trouble! Haha:D
      So I would like to be more like Tuvok would probably be a lot safer!!
      It is indeed great to have found a fellow Star Trek follower.
      I, too, have been a fan since the beginning, and can't imagine life without it!xxx


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