Saturday, 30 March 2013


City lights. Late evening.
Anonymous streets dotted
With hidey-hole doorways -
Ideal pick-up places.

Kerb crawler slows. Warm car.
Slow drive to motel room.
No trace of wife here,
No scent of girlfriend.

Discarding layers, down to
Black lace stockings and stiletto heels.
You hear him gasp
At the sight of thighs

Tailor made for seduction.
Teasing comes first,
Before touch - you're expert
In what men need.

So you work your magic
With hands, lips, finally body -
Until his face
Contorts with rapture.

And you cry out, your
Timing perfect
For the role you're playing:
It's essential to make him believe

You feel it too -
That he's Don Juan
In your eyes, because
At home he's nothing special.

Gratified, he rewards you well.
You dress in silence,
Then re-apply your lipstick
And step into the night...


  1. And he pretends he believes her.

    The roles and rewards we choose, we each hold our reasons.

    1. I guess he has to, doesn't he?!
      Yes, I suppose there must be reasons why people slip into such roles...I was intrigued as to what they might be after watching a movie about prostitution.
      Many thanks for reading, Gnome.:)

  2. Buona Pasqua...un abbraccio.

    1. Many thanks, Giancarlo!
      Hope you are having a Happy Easter.
      Hugs :)

  3. This sounds very authentic - I say SOUNDS so as not to incriminate myself! Beautifully wrought.

    1. haven't incriminated yourself!
      This was my attempt to understand the level of detachment a person would need to achieve in order to engage in such activities.
      Don't think my mind would cope with it. I'm much too old-fashioned...can't imagine sex without love!
      Many thanks for your comment, Dave. It isn't an easy subject for many of us...:/

  4. Had to read this twice...quite poignant. I hope you had a great Easter!

    1. Thank you Keith.
      I thought about this subject for some time after watching the movie...and came to the conclusion that these girls deserve a measure of admiration. It has to be one of the most dangerous occupations.

      I did share in the family's Easter celebrations (but being a Pagan I feel a bit of a fraud!!).
      Really hope your Easter was a great one.:)

  5. I think you have captured the 'emptiness', if I may call it that, of the rendezvous perfectly! Prostitution is the oldest profession and men have turned to prostitutes for many reasons or perhaps in many cases, excuses, because the fact is that men like sex without any strings attached. And it is more easily paid for in money than in emotions, :) Very good write!

    1. sum it up so well!
      I think most of we females spend the greater part of our lives searching for that 'special one' who is willing to pay in emotions.
      Sadly, though, few of us are lucky enough to find him! Haha ;D
      Many thanks, Rose.


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