Friday, 5 April 2013


The stars are thick as pebbles
on the beach tonight.
Below, their reflections dance
through the black void
where night has swallowed the sea.
I could be anywhere -
there is nothing but stars:
a twinkling mass of neural pathways
inside the global brain of Mother Earth.
I am a thought inside her mind tonight,
a concept without form.

As pupils adjust to darkness, I see
something where the horizon should be:
bright pretty colours - some mobile.
Is she imagining a purpose for me?
Pathways are lighting up, as stars combine
with Isle of Wight illuminations.
Legend becoming real?
Have I lived before on the Dragon's Isle?
Am I apprenticed to Merlyn
in a parallel World?
I am embryonic in time.

Through the gentle lapping of ocean waves
Her kismet lullaby calls.
Is She singing me into madness divine:
giving birth to a higher me?
Am I born on those flaming torches
of passing pleasure craft
that slices through the fireflies
on a comet of orange-red?
For in it's wake, Picasso-ish, I see
transient fragments of our Lady's face
merging into mine.

My broken Soul is becoming whole
in the presence of Her healing love,
as stars reform to take their place
in the glyph of Her bequest.
These Heavens above are Her alphabet,
Her language the seascape below:
and Her hopes and dreams
manifesting through us
are shaping things to come.
So I'm picturing the World's heart
wrapped in arms
under Hayling stars tonight.

Photo: courtesy of Google Images


  1. I am a thought inside her mind tonight,
    a concept without form.

    Sometimes I suspect we are all thoughts inside her mind, but the concept of a concept without form is a very mind stimulating one indeed. It is non-logical and truly poetic... I think it's working on me -- as is the poem in its entirety.

    1. We had been out for a meal in Hayling Island and decided to visit the beach.
      My husband and son went for a walk along the sea front. After they had disappeared into the darkness, I just sat gazing at the Isle of Wight illuminations.
      It felt truly magical, and I soon slipped into this meditation!

      Many, many, thanks for your generous comments, Dave.
      They mean so much to me.:)

  2. I am trying to wrap my head around the "concept" of a concept without's turning my thoughts into philisophical ones. What an intellectually stimulating poem!

    1. Many thanks, Keith!
      Logical thinking has never been my strong point, as I have always regarded myself as a concept without form - have never felt totally at home as a physical being.
      I think perhaps my mind has dwelt too long in other realms!! Haha :D

  3. I have no words for this.. except for brilliant. I'm totally in love with this poem. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, Nyssa.
      This meditation was so powerful and moving, and I'm so happy you liked it. xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Many thanks, Kyra.
      Really good to hear from you xxx

  5. You've taken me away again...and i so enjoy it.

    These stars stand out to me:
    "I am embryonic in time"
    "in the glyph of Her bequest
    These Heavens above are Her alphabet"

    As Nyssa says, brilliant!

  6. Oh thank you very much.
    It was great to have your company on Hayling beach that night.
    Many thanks for joining me there! :)

  7. this such a brilliant poem ... such intelligent play of words ... loved reading.

  8. So good to hear from you again, Celestial...and thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    It is so appreciated! :)


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