Wednesday, 1 January 2014


The air is sombre: ancient Yews,
darker now than in summer, murmur sad elegies;
and frozen grass seems trapped in time
like those who lie beneath it's emerald haze,
their tongues now stilled and silent in death.
No dead men's wraiths frequent this place,

only memories of the living:
of winters past and moments shared
in love, with these now unpicked
to bare bone by worm and insect,
their tender touch long gone, yet craved still
in the endless spiral of grief.

Silence grandiloquent inner dialogue for a moment
and through half closed eyes, stare
into the depths of  wreaths and bouquets:
can you not see the millions of tears that glitter
between each leaf and petal, not feel the agony
of the bereaved heart that howls

in living damnation, it's black veil
flitting shadows across the edge of vision?
Feel the shivers running down your spine.
It is for these we should weep - these mortals unable to see
the loved ones their starving hearts mourn
in the haunted spaces of home.


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks Rick!

      Happy weekend :)

  2. i enjoy walking around cemeteries...i find a lot of peace there...def always interesting as well...the howling of the bereaved..oy...saw a woman once completely prostrate on the was an intense moment..yes it is those we should weep....

    happy saturday to you

    1. glad I'm not alone...was afraid I was a bit morbid! *smiles*
      Gosh...doesn't it wrench at the heartstrings when you see something like that...I vividly remember being in that very situation at my daughter's grave. I still feel uncomfortable when I visit there...suppose I must be haunting myself. Now there's a peculiar notion :/

      Now, on to happier things...

      Have a great weekend :)

    2. on to happier things indeed....

      we have a really cool city cemetery that dates back pre-civil war so there is a lot of history there...and they have many relics fo the early life of the city there as well...

    3. Oh I'd really love to visit there!
      History of all kinds has always fascinated me...perhaps one day...:)

  3. So much creative contemplation, so well expressed.. Not just a graveyard anymore.

    1. Thank you so much Anthony...your words are deeply appreciated :)

  4. of wreaths and wraiths
    who truly sees
    but he
    who has been stung

    Peace Ygraine.

    1. ...and I guess that sting wounds us all at some time in our lives.
      My heartfelt thanks for being there with me in that lonely graveyard...and for understanding...:)

  5. I have been there, the shivers not sure if the are tears, but we grieve at the breath as left, you'd think she's look like she's sleeping but she's not she looks like a statue, that's how I know the bones are just bones, her soul is happy and free....But geesh I love your piece!

    1. Yes...that is the essence of recovery, isn't it...that sure knowledge that the Soul is free.
      Your kind words mean so much xxx

  6. Beautifully written; with stark honesty. The words float softly, but hold a solid brittleness. I'm cold as I sit in the shadow of the darkened yews. Winter's bone, indeed! xx

    1. Many, many thanks Dale.
      Your kind words are so encouraging, and are very much appreciated. xxx

  7. Sweetie my blogger has gone mad, I can only upload photos to google and then go back to my blogs and upload photos from google albums I can't even post new photos from Picasa3 anymore but the only photos are old ones so now I have to send my new photos to google so that \i can post to blogger...anyhoo I also lost all my bookmarks so could you please visit today so I know I can just click on it to visit you, thanks Lunar Sis

    1. You are so not alone, Lorraine!
      Right now I am tearing my hair out just trying to get a picture on my blog. Have been trying for 2 days to publish the post I wanted to publish, but now have conceded defeat and posted another instead.
      I have even tried uploading photos to Google, then upload from Google albums...but still no success.
      Oh the frustration!! :/

      If you find the solution...please, please can you let me know?
      Thanks Hun xx

  8. Wow, Ygraine this is EXCELLENT writing! A wonderful creation and yes we should weep for the living who morn their dead, you are right!

    1. Oh Rose...thank much!

      How wonderful to have you back.
      You have been sorely Missed! xx


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