Sunday, 13 August 2017


A photo of you on Mizen's Head
in the dead of winter, so dashing in khaki uniform
and framed by spray-fringed tides and leaden skies.
In your eyes lurk disturbing truths: infidelity,
irresistible sin.

Loving out of context
and wild oats sown in another's domain -
repeated over and over again,
disregarding procreation's constant threat
of contamination by English DNA.

But such allure was too strong to resist. To hell
with the consequences. But did I really imagine
I'd escape unscathed? A village up in arms
against the Jezebel: public stripping, shorn hair.
Such humiliation binds me still to Ireland's past.

Even today there is no let-up. Vivid memories
of your laboured breath in my ear,
and the constant taunt of emotions up-leaping
to covert messages over crackling telephone line:
oh such blatant thrilling eroticism!

I never set out to find you. A Catholic wife,
such complication was the last thing
I needed then. Nevertheless, two worlds collided
in a head-on smash. Total devastation.
First sight: searing passion, a trap

we fell into. An animated portrait of  doom -
Satan's sadistic toying with the weak.
Then birth of a guilt complex conceived of deceit
and self-indulgence. I was suffocating,
yet clung to you knowing I should have let go.

Constantly wary, like two escaped convicts
we crept around in the shadows, emotionally exhausted.
And what of the cost? What of your victims?
The fallout could be catastrophic.
Holy Mary, please don't make me think of that!

The Vatican has eternally damned us, I know. My punishment
is to live with the harrowing sound of that explosion
when you blew yourself up, out there on the shore.
As I left for Dublin and my new life
Oh how I grieved for you, but could tell no one.

"Put it all behind you," Father Collins advised me.
Put it all behind me? Pretend it never happened.
Your life, your death - like a far off reverie
fading with each passing year...
But real life isn't like that, is it?

I am old now.
And I have never loved again.

I am taking a little time out to recharge my batteries, so I will be back in around a week.
Will miss you all...
but have a fabulous week! :))


  1. Ygraine, your writing is brilliant as always!

    Wishing you much peace and happiness my dear friend no matter where you are within each moment you're in.



  2. OMG!!! My dearest Ygraine you are an exceptional and talented writer! Such emotion to be seen and felt without the benefit of actors and movie cameras. I was there and in my mind's eye I could see it happening and feel her pain. I can understand her love even though she is now an old woman. The heart does not discriminate when it comes to love.

    Enjoy your time away. I will miss you even for this short time~

    Lots of Love and Hugs Always, My Sweet Friend xoxoxo

  3. Fantastic writing Ygraine..powerful and pulsing with alot of life-force and emotions..this felt like a whole intricate movie playing out in my mind full of so many intriguing scenes and images and thoughts pouring throughout this story and journey! wow! Wonderful
    Wishing you magic and beauty always, enjoy your sacred space and special time away.
    Victoria, your sister from afar!

  4. Wonderful writing. A favorite story. A favorite movie too, from the past..
    Know I’ll be pulling out the DVD and probably watch it again now, probably later today.

  5. your writing is always touching and amazing !
    Sending you love and hugs !!

  6. Another unique and intriguing poem Ygraine.

    I hope things are getting a bit easier and that you have some real chill time in the coming days. Take care and hugs.πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸ’ŸπŸŒž

  7. __Waiting for your return "Y", and I thank you for writing's urge... this Cinquain response. _m

    love's bell,
    tolls through days
    and every empty night
    to live in the darkened shadows;
    a dream.

  8. Thanks for sharing that lovely read. And take all the time you need, health is wealth. Warm greetings and best wishes!

  9. Wow!!! Wow!! So powerful and emotional! I could feel every word you wrote my friend!
    I hope your time away is very good for you!
    Sending you Big Hugs and Much Love!


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