Friday, 30 September 2011


Checking the mirror
before leaving for the ceremony.
This other-worldly Priestess
gazes back
from where my reflection
should be.
Recognition probes
the outer reaches
of consciousness,
where Akashic Records
aren't quite closed.
And I ask,
'Are you seeing your future,
or I my past?
Who are we?'

I arrive at my destination.
Donning robe of forest green
brings a sense
of impending transfiguration.
Searching my palm
for clues
I find her lifeline,
a descent uninterrupted
down the Spiritual bloodline.
It maps the many times
I've been born
have lived and died
to bring me to
this monumental time
where I resume my function
amid Druidesses nine
upon this Hill of Avalon,
hallowed since Morgan's time.

Back home now.
Returning to the mirror.
Why is it no surprise
that she and I have synthesised?
A solemn oath abandoned
millennia ago
has been at last fulfilled.


  1. O. enjoyed the way you flooded this poem with
    strength, and inner royal emotions.

  2. I like the "other-worldiness" of this and how it is synthesised. Three great questions asked and I have one, will we learn the cause of the abandonment? (Maybe you've already stated it in an early post?) :)

  3. Hi Shauna, great to hear from you again. So happy you enjoyed the poem. Thanks so much for your encouraging comment :)

    Hi Gnome, I think the "abandonment" is probably due to a lack of faith in my own abilities - still a major challenge in this present life! The possibility of being unable to live up to others' expectations of me remains a major fear!!

  4. Ygraine, Somehow this poem speaks out loud to me! I am intrigued by spiritual lore and have often wondered seriously about the 'thoughts concept' you touch on here since I have had some personal experiences in the past that make this quite a reality to me. My knowledge on this is unfortunately rather limited. Very interesting subject very well written. Love the flow. I find that underperformers expect more from others= it is just their way to decieve you into thinking that you are less capable than they are. Have faith in yourself you do not have to prove anything to anyone ::D

  5. Love your drawings by the way they are so perfect!

  6. Your poem speaks leaps and bounds.

    Your talent shines through.


    The PostMan

  7. Just beautiful....your words flow in such a rhythmic, poetic is entrancing. You are really very gifted in word and thought and self-expression....thank you for sharing this with the world....much lv ~ alice

  8. Rose, you have paid me such a compliment. Thank you so much. I would love to hear about your spiritual experiences sometime. It's very reassuring to know that others have similiar experiences :)

  9. Hi PostMan, thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comment :)

  10. Hi Alice, You are so kind-and I really appreciate it. I have always thought of my writing as rather mediocre, so you have truly surprised me. Thank you so much :)

  11. Hi again Gnome! Thank you for nominating me. I feel so honoured :)

  12. What a journey you had , Ygraine, through the mirror and back again. I really like your poem. Thank you for sharing it here.
    Brightest blessings !

  13. Hi Mara, thank you so much for visiting and for your lovely comment. So glad you liked the poem:)


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