Thursday 25 July 2013


And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake,
some to everlasting life, and some to shame
and everlasting contempt.
Daniel 12:2

The heart will be judged first,
So of all your deeds, which is the worst?

For murder or manslaughter, it's destination hell:
For rape or torture, it's there as well.

For misdemeanours minor, like thieving and lies,
It's rebirth in lower forms, such as flies.

But for the heart full of love it's a different story.
This one will surely ascend in glory.

Secondly, the mind will be on display,
For there'll be no brain to hide thoughts away.

So if you've been thinking of revenge and hate,
Then I'm sorry to say for you It's too late;

For I clearly hear Lucifer stoking his fire
As he waits for you - your situation's dire.

But if you've focused on loving and giving,
Then your Soul in paradise will soon be living.

Last to be assessed is your Spirit's progression -
It's best if your lives have been free of obsession.

If divine intuition has moved you along
Your designated path with a cheerful song,

Then I can honestly say I'm happy for you:
Incarnation's harsh lessons are finally through!

Friday 19 July 2013


That July
the strawberry pickers
touched Souls

as they laboured
side-by side,
wearing fingers to the bone.

They discovered, then,
a new dimension
within the berry.

The voluptuous redness
of swollen fruit
which filled the baskets
set fire to their hormones:

what just moments ago
seemed a humdrum
means of survival,

now brought the revelation
that even here,
in a humble strawberry field,
such passion could take root.

The fruits glistened in the afternoon sun.
It had taken such energy
to collect and pack so many.

United by a single thought,
urgently, in silence,
they stole a basket and slipped away
into the coolness of a hedgerow
that bordered the field...

At dawn, a half-empty basket
alone knew the secret of their frantic screwing
in the prickly undergrowth.

Concealing scratched skin beneath coveralls,
they took their places
on opposite sides of the field,
where they waited patiently
for the morning shift to begin.


Thursday 11 July 2013

LAND'S END at 11a.m.

Human feet have trampled this land
down to bare, uneven stone
the colour of ageing bone.
Rocks jut out into choppy sea:
a jagged brownness bathed in sun,
rising steeply from deepest blue.
Seagulls fight over crumbs
the tourists drop, their constant laughter
mocking the folly of mankind
who'll part with a small fortune
just to prove they've been here:
to stand beneath the sign
and have their likeness captured,
then buy mug, tea towel or postcard
to commemorate this day forever;
along with stories they'll tell back home
in native tongue, while fingering their treasures -
matching each with a memory
of Land's End that day, at 11a.m.

Friday 5 July 2013


You swear at your neighbour and threaten to maim him
because he fails to see your point of view.
You're filled with anger,
Let him stand up for himself - if he dare:
He'll be sorry if he does,
                                       because you'll kill him..
                                            they're alien.
Inside you, rage burns,
                                    spite devours.
Somebody else's face
                                  drawing your fist,
and your face,
                       like a death mask,
is menacingly calm above all this seething
with savage compulsion to destroy.
He mumbles something
You throw a punch.
                                The agony...
as unseen knife shoots clean through your hand.
You raise the other
                               in self defence,
                                                       and that's pierced too.
A six inch
                      out of thin air
                                            through the palm.
Now barbed wire tears: feel
the blood running down your cheeks
as you stumble through a thorn bush.
Is that broken glass
                               you just stepped on,
embedded there in the soft earth?
Sad, celestial music
                               playing in your head.
There is blood
                       oozing into your footprints.
And lilies:
the overpowering scent of lilies
                                                  permeating the very air around you.
you feel your heart breaking: yes - you,
oh, the excruciating agony
of everything
                 ever experienced
                                            since the dawn of humanity
becoming personal.
        who have never set foot
                                              inside a church,
desperately needing one...

In calm reverence
you kneel before his effigy
                                           on the Cross,
feeling the blood
from His sacred wounds.
And now,
you begin to understand.