Wednesday 27 May 2020


Watercolour by A.P. Barrow

He was never meant to be a cartoon character.
He is a noble Spirit of the Forest
to all those whose minds have remained open
to the Old Gods, the old ways of the Ancestors.

Still, he remains our powerful protector,
one of our greatest teachers: Nature's map
of the cosmos within each Soul,
clothed in leaf and bark and vine.

Vibrant green and composed of Oak,
he is Herne's messenger - less a creation of man,
more pure Elemental: wildly loyal
to the Druids of Clas Myrddin, both past and present.

And how he gasps at our selfishness, bleeding sap, as our
wanton destruction of this precious blue globe tortures him.
Now, more than ever, we need to unearth our roots.
He is our final, our only, hope.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Thought I'd take advantage of my once a day permitted local exercise time...

THURSDAY: Deadwater Valley Walk...

Knox Pond.

King's Oak, reputed to be over three hundred years old!

The King's Chair...I felt like a queen! Lol

FRIDAY: The Monument...

Hoping to meet the spirit of a Cavalier. 😉

SATURDAY: Deadwater Valley Nature Reserve...

A cabin in the forest.

Hope you enjoyed "walking" with me...and thank you so much for your company! 😊

Thursday 14 May 2020


Finally finished my painting! Yay!!! 🙋

My humble tribute to this fabulous TV series of the 1980's. Hope you like it! 

Have a great day xxx

Friday 8 May 2020


For an old friend...

There was the homeland Salim described so vividly
in the military post room, where he showed me photos
and presented me with an ornate copper coffee pot.

He tried so hard to teach me Arabic, but
I just couldn't grasp it. All that 
reading and writing in alien characters -

and from right to left - really screwed my head.
The next week he'd be returning home to his child bride
and swapping army uniform for traditional dress.

Perhaps I'd never see Salim again, but
in my mind's eye, I'd haunt his whitewashed home
and linger often beneath a scorching Omani sun...