Friday 25 November 2016


Triple portrait of Charles I,  by Sir Anthony Van Dyck

Unearthly creature! Are you for real
or some fairy-tale Being wholly surreal?
Just look at those sad and brooding eyes
that augur misfortune borne of self-lies,
and I swear that could I but hear your voice
you'd lament the error of future choice.

Still and tranquil at first glance,
and then such turmoil in your stance.
Oh see that leaden gathering cloud
draped about you like burial shroud.
So desperately your mind is reaching out
to escape a destiny forged by self-doubt.

How is that one of such mollycoddled descent -
a Dandy of glittering palaces - be sent
to govern a nation in chaotic upheaval,
one so ill-equipped to deal with evil?
Ha, did you really believe that fable
the "Divine Right of Kings" would keep things stable?

How dare they disobey your will
and so many of your troops kill
that fateful day upon Edge Hill
that the whole of England remembers still?
You could have had it made that day,
but through indecision threw victory away.

Just how many more had to die before
you realised no solution would come through war?
They demanded democracy, you turned them down flat -
you were the King, and that was that.
A King's word had always been law of the land,
until Cromwell and his ever growing band

of followers who became the "New Model Army"
pre-empted your moves and drove you barmy.
Well, along with frustration came childlike tantrum:
no longer would be tolerated this rebellious scum!
Stuttering and cursing these "Enemies of God"
you attempted to over them ride rough-shod.

But, unfortunately for you, it badly misfired:
many of your allies had defected, it transpired,
and now the country had it's King on trial!
Such a thing was unheard of, you were in deep denial.
When they read out the sentence...tyrant, traitor,
and public faced the prosecutor

and made one final attempt to speak.
But they cut you short - your fate now looked bleak.
Just three short days you were granted to prepare
to meet your maker - oh the utter despair.
Then outside Whitehall on that January day
by executioner's axe you were spirited away...

Perhaps there's good reason that the great Van Dyck
painted in triplicate this portrait so like
your tragic countenance that haunts me today:
to the Holy Trinity I'm inclined to pray
and plead for deliverance for this fractured Soul,
that three parts be forged once more into whole.


  1. So wonderful this writing of such times. I was wondering why one portrait wasn’t enough… Enjoyed

    1. Yes, I was wondering too...then thought of the tragedy and misfortune of his life, and it all seemed to make sense!
      Thank you so much...:))

  2. Your writing is excellent Ygraine my dear friend, it goes so well with that painting, as I was reading what you wrote I'd look up now and then at that painting, the combination of that, and your writing, surely took me there.

    As a matter a fact, it got me thinking:

    Is his spirit free to soar, or has it entered into a confined door.

    1. Oh I do hope his Spirit is now free to soar...and yet...the doubt still lingers.

      Oh thank you, my much! :))

  3. Replies
    1. Oh thank you so much, Gloria...I really appreciate that!:))

      Big Hugs.

  4. Excellence in verse. Fine work, Ygraine. Brava.

    1. Oh wow...thank you, Geo!
      Your kind words mean so much...:))

  5. WOW!!! Your words are always so powerful and so meaningful! Touches deep down into your soul!! Big Hugs!

    1. Oh Sweetie, you are SO kind...and I truly appreciate that SO much!!

      All my Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  6. Boa tarde, sua escrita é maravilhosa e evolvente, excelente partilha como sempre acontece.
    Boa semana,

    1. Oh I am so happy you liked this, Antonio!
      And thank you so much...:))

      A Hug.

  7. An amazing poem and a great history lesson for someone not all that familiar with England's history.

    1. Oh thank you so much, Sandy!
      Such a turbulent era in England's history...boy, am I grateful I wasn't around then!! :))

  8. __ Fine as always "Y" and as Walter Scott much later -MAY- have written:

    this monarch
    in faces of three peoples
    a sign auger scathe

    1. Sounds very apt to me, Doug!*smiles*

      Even as a child, I felt really drawn to Charles I...took another fifty-odd years to get around to translating my thoughts into

      Many thanks.:))

  9. you always amazed me with your grave powerful writing.i can claim that you are among of the most important verse writer now a days dear.
    this poems of yours hold me through history within it .
    i learnt more about VAN after reading through google .
    glad to have you here dear.
    best wishes for your next creation

    1. Oh wow, I really don't know what to are so, so, kind.
      I just love to write, but I never in my wildest dreams thought anyone would ever like my efforts this much - I had believed my work to be rather mediocre.
      So, thank you...from the depths of my heart...:)

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  10. Whoa! The power of words. So eloquent of you, Ygraine.

    1. Oh thank you, Lux...that is so appreciated. Truly!

      Have a Good Weekend.:))

  11. This is definitely one of your better poems. It drew me in completely. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Many, many glad you enjoyed. That makes it all worthwhile!
      So good to have you back.:)

      Greetings from a chilly Hampshire! :))


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