Saturday 28 December 2013


I am no one.
It's cool being no one.
I can be invisible
any time I choose -
can blend into the background.
You'll never notice me
unless I want you to.
I am a transparent shade of grey:
a formless phantom
that shifts like mist
across early morning meadows.
I observe
without being observed.
Yes, it's cool being no one.

And what of you -
are you no one too,
or are you someone?
You are?
Then you have
my deepest sympathy.
It can't be easy
being out there
with nowhere to hide
from prying eyes
and paparazzi lies
that scandalise
your vulnerable side.
And do you not tire
of playing with fire
in media shire,
where consequences dire
await you in mire?
For your struggle for fame
to them is a game.
When it drives you insane
it's you they'll blame...

Oh yes,
They'll remember your name
within a narrow time frame...

but forever your shame.

Saturday 21 December 2013


Is he at all like you or me –
could a man so enlightened see
the World through ordinary everyday eyes,
or be taken in by society’s lies?

And does he go out on a Friday night
for a pint or two and perhaps a bite
to eat with friends in a coffee bar,
then finish up later in ‘The Northern Star’?

It’s hard to imagine, but I suppose he could,
although it would seem quite odd if he should.
In fact, we’d probably be shocked and stare
if we happened to find him there.

But then, I’ve seen him in the street
and read his each and every tweet.
Oh yes, he seems a regular guy:
cheerful, funny, and sometimes shy.

So what makes him different, I’d like to know?
Well, he certainly isn’t all bluff and show:
his genuine nature always shines through
whenever he stops to chat with you.

Now Albian Arthuan is upon us again:
this sacred time of the Sun God’s wane,
when time stands still and all Worlds intersect,
inspiring in us a need to reflect.

This is the time we see him transformed
and by his presence our hearts are warmed.
As mediator of Hearne’s divine power,
he delivers His message at the midnight hour…

“We, the Gods, will give you the land: but since our
hands have fashioned it, we will not leave it utterly.
We will be in the white mist that clings to the mountains;
We will be the quiet that broods on the lakes;
We will be the joy-shouts of the rivers;
We will be the secret wisdom of the forest.
Long after your children have forgotten us, they will
hear our music on sunny raths and see our great white horses
lift their heads from the mountain-tarns, and
shake the night-dew from their crested manes.
In the end, they will know that all the beauty in the World
comes back to us,
and their battles are only echoes of ours…”


And with the rebirth of the year
hope, too, is reborn.




Solstice Blessings to all fellow Pagans and Druids…

and in four days’ time…

A Happy Christmas to all my Christian friends!


                                                                       X X X

Thursday 12 December 2013


You've had girlfriends of all star signs
and with each one you've had good times
because you know what you must do
to keep them really keen on you.
Flattery glides effortlessly off your tongue,
you never leave any asset unsung.
Yes, you're an expert on girls: you find
at a glance you can assess each type of mind.
For some are sane and some quite mad.
Some are fun and others sad.
A Cancerian is easiest of all to please,
as she always wears her heart on her sleeve.
Not so the Scorpio girl, who retains
her mystery so quickly your repertoire drains.
The fiery tantrums of an Aries girl
will spin your emotions into a whirl,
while the sexy Libran will turn your head
with the promise of pleasures that lie ahead.
The girl who was born under Taurus the bull
has the figure to die for - if a little full,
not so the sporty Sagittarian lass
who is slender, tanned and full of sass.
And as for unpredictable Gemini?
With her you'll soon be flying high.
But most challenging of all is the Virgo miss
who'll demand the Earth before granting a kiss.
When out on the town you most like to be seen
with a stunning Leo drama queen,
while the shy Aquarian brings out in you
a protective instinct - to you that's new.
Now, the Capricorn girl's pessimism
quickly smothers your optimism.
And finally, romantic Pisces - well,
could she be your Soul Mate? Who can tell?

Oh yes, your specialist subject is girls.
You love the ones with masses of curls.
But straighter locks are sensual too -
just perfect for running fingers through.
You love the made-up, tarty girls;
as well as demure ones draped in pearls.
You like them big, you like them petite,
with other guys you fight to compete.
Oh how you've suffered for your art:
from bruised black eye to broken heart.
Yet still you adore them, one and all -
especially when at your feet they fall!

Friday 6 December 2013


Day of drizzle: day of dejection
with hopes
unfettered, I wait
for the page to load
this damp coldness
that penetrates to the bone
is immune to central heating
a robin hops
from bare branch to bare branch
in search of food
the Oak's yellow leaves
turning brown
are falling
lifeless, to Earth
rainwater escaping
from blocked gutter
mimicking my heartbeat
as I wait...
connection is elusive today
must be the weather
all those droplets
forming a barrier
to exultation
but today is the day
everything changes
I know I will find Utopia
when I search my e-mails
for your name...