Thursday 29 October 2020


You've departed but I remain
the same person, but outwardly changed.
Only in dreams can I reclaim
these ageing features rearranged,
and once again become best friends
with my mirror. How I've been short-changed!

Old photographs that I stumbled upon
evoked the excitement of yesteryear
and revealed at once time's spiteful con:
eternal youth? A lie, I fear!
Smooth skin banished, passion vanished -
life as a crone would be much too drear.
NO!! My spirit will not succumb.
Inside I'm sixteen - and I'm staying here! 😉😉

Friday 23 October 2020


For Chloe...

Her days consist of redefining cognition:
solitary - and she wouldn't have it another way
for she loathes distraction - she lies on her bed, curled
like a kitten, purring when the right words come.

Wanton, bare-breasted, feminine; she sculpts
fanciful images from abstract truths
that come across as alluring promises,
like ripe red apples from immoral blooms.

Her eyes twinkle with playful mischief
as stanza follows stanza across the screen,
hoping she'll be remembered after she's gone
as imagination's great interpreter...

but, too immersed in erotic metaphor, she eludes
the real, the solid, a lover's touch. 😉😉

Thursday 15 October 2020


They fail to comprehend my grief:
because you weren't human they set you apart
and valued you less than a worn out shoe -
but what does it know, the cold cold heart?

Into my life such joy you brought.
My friend, my confidante, what on earth will I do
without you here in this lonely life
that has suddenly grown pointless without you?

You never uttered a hurtful word, 
never lied, cheated nor stole;
but just gave and gave without ever taking.
You were such a beautiful soul.

A vivid memory is all I have left
to carry me through my days,
of your cute little face so full of trust...
I'm left in a heartbroken daze.

My tears are falling like raindrops now,
each one a reminder of you
more precious than a glittering diamond
in the deepest shade of blue.

Those eyes that looked on me last night
are blind now, and beneath the earth
you're all alone and in the dark.
Oh my little one I so yearn to unearth

you this very moment and bring you home,
to hold you close to my heart and say
all those things I've left unsaid -
like how I've loved you more each day

and how your absence will leave such a hole
in a world that's turned upside down.
A part of me died with you last night,
in emotion I fear I'll drown.

Well I guess it's time to say goodbye,
but I'd much rather say see you soon -
for I know we'll be reunited someday
and for me that day can't come too soon.

Rest in peace, my precious Spot.
My love for you will never die...❤❤❤

Thursday 8 October 2020



No use searching for Prince Rupert,
you've missed him by almost four centuries.
Take a look at the high ridge

that is Edgehill.
It's sandstone summit,
sunlit today and silent,

where he proved his military skills,
became a Royalist hero
and the darling of Charles' court.

What a phenomenon!
Did you really assume
you'd get to know him

by simply digging here
and attempting to interpret your finds?
No chance.

That enigmatic and elusive personality
is beyond reach to the scientific mind,
is a puzzle that teases yet defies categorisation.

If you can only see past the coins and broken fragments
and seek him instead with your Soul,
then time will perhaps reveal it's secrets

with a precious glimpse of the black Barbary horse 
and it's rider, resplendent in matching armour,
as he turns to glance in your direction.

Only then will the connection be made,
downloading into your mind
a powerful impression of who he was.

This is the real thing.

Hi everyone!😊
Not quite out of the woods yet, but will visit you as often as I can. Been really missing you all.
Do hope you are all well and happy xxxxxx