Saturday 15 February 2014


Little Adder, much maligned
by human minds unrefined,
your fate's decided by their fear.
For you I often shed a tear.

To see you slaughtered mercilessly:
so brutally and thoughtlessly
by those who in total ignorance dwell,
prompts me to your story tell.

For as the only poisonous snake
upon Albion Isle, your place you take
within the Tradition of this land -
oh yes, my little friend, you're grand!

As prime totem of Morgan, you are
the most important player by far
in the Battle of Camlan's tragedy:
but also in it's remedy.

As Arthur with Mordred in uneasy truce
attempted to the threat of war reduce,
you suddenly darted into view
so a soldier his sword instinctively drew.

The rest is legend - Arthur was slain,
bringing upon us the wasteland and pain.
Then Morgan bore him to Avalon
where your venom revived him from oblivion.

So, fellow humans...
please give me your word that from this day
if you see an Adder you will not slay
this symbol of the Goddess' darker phase,
or you'll surely set Her wrath ablaze.


  1. oh i love aurthurian legends and i love the touches...
    the snake has gotten a bad rap from the beginning
    in christian creation becoming the tempter
    its often been used as fear/evil
    they can be beautiful creatures
    they do get my heart going
    its hard to trust
    but my boys freak out when i hold
    them at the pet emporium...

    1. I can imagine!
      It is hard to break the traditional view of snakes as dangerous, intimidating creatures that we should beware of...I guess it is instilled into many of us on a deep level - especially, as you say, in Christian tales etc.
      In Druidic Tradition, the Snake has long been revered as a wise and powerful initiator into the Western Mysteries, as is the Spider.
      The former I have no fear of...but the latter...well, the less said about that, the better!! *smiles*

  2. I never understood the hatred and fear of snakes. I think they are beautiful creatures.

    1. Me too, Keith!
      There is nothing I like better than going into a pet store and holding a huge python...they are wonderful creatures. :)

  3. Absolutely fantastic, Ygraine!!! I simply adore this for no truer words were ever written!
    You have amazed me once again with your talents and your art goes so perfectly with these beautiful lines.
    I have many books on snakes. I fear them, but I also respect them. They do have a place in our world and they are needed.


  4. Oh you are so kind...thank you Jan, I so appreciate that.
    Strangely, I have never had any fear of snakes...maybe not wholly a good idea...I'll probably get bitten one day! *smiles*

    Hugs xxx

  5. Wow, wow!!! Truly fantastic read! So true! We humans are ready to kill! Let be ;o) I have to admit, my mom is afraid of snakes and I am kind of too, but they do so good for this world we live in! Have a great day ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you so much!
      It is quite logical, really, to be afraid of snakes...probably the sight of those sharp fangs!!
      When I see one, I have the most powerful compulsion to touch...:)

      Hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

      Hugs xxx

  6. okay, I won't. besides, ain't got nothing against snakes. and they eat mice! go snakes, go!

    1. Oh dear...I hadn't given a thought to the poor little mice!!!
      I do have such a problem getting my head around the food chain thing - all seems so cruel to me. :/

      Many thanks, Richard.:)

  7. Un poema fantastico y lo que dice es muy pero muy cierto, saludos.

    1. Thank you so much Boris.

      Hope you are having a great day! :)

  8. I enjoyed the great verse, and have nothing against snakes, though like them better from a distance more.

    1. I think that is probably the safest way...unless you are rather foolhardy - like me! ;)
      Many thanks Anthony.

  9. Replies
    1. Whether your comments are long or brief, they are always much appreciated TUG!
      So thank you...:)

    2. your sense of humour TUG!!

  10. yes, i shall remember that...

    1. *smiles*...from the Snake population - thank you from the heart!!

  11. Sweetie this is beyond marvelous, what a tale and how you tell it, I will step away, slowly I promise gosh for a second I couldn't respond I panicked then went to get your e-mail to tell you I couldn't comment but suddenly right before I sent you an e-mail I was able to respond, gosh that was horrible thinking I could never respond or comment to this tale of grandeur and magnificence, I love this xxx Atta wonderful woman

    1. That would have been such a loss - your comments give me such confidence to keep writing! It means so much to me to know when you've enjoyed reading my poems.
      I often have problems leaving comments too. I think Blogger has quite a few hiccups at various times.
      So grateful you tried again!

      Many, many thanks, Lorraine.

      Hugs xxx

  12. Marvellous ode to an often misunderstood animal. I have heard of the adder before (never seen one, though!). I loved your poem. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. They are beautiful animals...I love the diamond patterns all along their backs!
      Many thanks for reading.

      Happy Sunday:)

  13. Oh my dear, this is truly amazing.
    You are a great writer.
    I like snakes :)

    Love and hugs
    (Thanks so much for your caring words to me, they mean so very much.)


  14. Thank you so much Margie!

    Oh I do so hope you are feeling better soon. You are always in my thoughts.
    Not long to wait fingers are crossed for you.

    Love, Light and Hugs xxx

  15. Snakes have their place and that's all I'm saying! :) Amazing write!

  16. *smiles*...and I won't request any elaboration!
    Many thanks, Rose:)

  17. Me gustan tus poemas en especial este escribes muy bien ,abrazos

    1. Thank you so much Rosita...I really appreciate your kind comment.:)

  18. Me certainly won't slay no adder any time soon cuz we have no poisonous ones up here ... anyway ... nice to have found Ur blog ... and Hello from Alberta, Canada ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  19. I associate the adder with... Blackadder.

  20. I am most afraid of snakes, but somehow I often encounter snakes both in dreams and in the real world


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