Thursday 13 January 2011


      Welcome to my first post. I really appreciate your company. I am creating this blog in order to fulfil a genuine need to communicate with like-minded people.
From early childhood, I have been feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Different, somehow set apart from the rest of humanity. Maybe this is partly due to an unfortunate tendency to think and feel too deeply, and partly due to experiencing various types of psychic phenomena throughout most of my life.
I suppose the best way to explain my mindset is to draw an analogy between it and the Tarot trump XII The Hanged Man. I, too, am forever trying to make sense of life from an upside down, unorthodox viewpoint.
It is a far from easy task, so I often feel frustrated and misunderstood. Communication with 'normal' people is near impossible.
This is why I write poetry. It is an excellent medium for safely reducing the impact of potentially lethal emotions, by giving them a voice. It is my safety valve.
Does possessing such an artistic temperament brand me a hopeless dweller in cloud cuckoo land? Not quite. After all, I am a woman. I am subject to the gravitational pull of feminine passions - in my case clothes, shoes, cosmetics and Krister Henriksson (although not necessarily in that order!). While I may appear crazy to some, I have this other very human side!

So, if anything I have written here resonates somewhere deep inside you, please get in touch and leave a message. I would love to hear from you - and on a more selfish note, would feel less isolated!
 So, until my next post, take care and have fun.



  1. Well done. I found your first post facinating, and now cant wait for the next instalment.


  2. Hi Alison and welcome, great to have you as my second follower.

  3. Your writings made me want to go back to your very first one. I can really relate to what you write - I'm a little different too, having studied spiritualism and then lots of metaphysical ....and throw in some numerology which i did quite a bit of for years ... have had many contacts with relatives that have passed away but of course for me I know they never passed - just changed in their way of relating. Anyway, all the best to you - you sound like someone I could have coffee, tea or even a beer with... Not sure you will even see this but if you do...hello...


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