Saturday 5 March 2011


Alone I sit in nervous state
Just inside the old school gate,
As wondering what today will bring
To positive thoughts I try to cling.

Then piercingly the shrill school bell
Heralds a stampede straight from hell,
As children large and children small
Rush to answer home time's call.

Way behind, one scruffy boy
Drags his school bag, looking coy.
His shirt is torn, he's caked in mud
And on his cheek I spy dried blood.

'The teacher wants to see you, mum.'
'Now' I chide, 'What have you done?'
As back we march into the class
Preparing for the latest farce.

His teacher greets us with a scowl
'It's just too much,' she begins to growl,
But Ayrton pipes up butting in,
'I  didn't throw him in the bin!'

'It was Christopher, James and Paul.
It wasn't me, I'm much too small!
And anyway I wasn't there,
Cos I was mending my broken chair!'

'So how did your chair come to break?'
'It all began with Simon's snake,
He threw it at me during maths
It made me jump and down I crashed.'

'Then what about the lunch time fight?'
'Jimmy blamed me out of spite.'
'And why would he do that,' she asks.
'Because I'm better at my tasks!'

'Who flicked ink into Jenny's hair?'
'I don't know, I wasn't there.
I was busy wiping up
The contents of your coffee cup!'

'And what about the ruined book?'
'All I did was have a look.
I didn't mean to rip the page,
But Jamie pushed me in a rage!'

'So why was Jamie cross with you?'
'Cos someone kicked him in the loo.
I don't know why he's blaming me,
I'd only gone there for a pee!'

Now come the words I always dread,
'Please come with me to see the Head.'
As one by one we file inside,
I wish that I could run and hide!

The Head is stern as she explains
That though my Ayrton has the brains,
They cannot teach him anymore
Because his behaviour is so poor.

Deeply embarrassed, I try to explain,
But my words are only met with disdain.
It seems he's broken every rule
And we must find another school! 


                   Fortunately, he has grown out of his 
                   bad behaviour now, and we are best

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