Sunday 25 September 2011


A passing cloud
swirls itself momentarily
into your image.
A truck speeding by.
Your surname
emblazoned along its side
within a blood red heart
is reminiscent of mine
that so aches for you.
And I know
these are signs
that we are meant to be together.

Here it is again, your name,
embedded in a word search puzzle,
standing out
as if in relief.
I see your birth date
encoded in a till receipt
from this morning's shopping trip.
These, too, are signs
that I was born to be with you.

on a rain drenched beach,
storm battered.
Eyes downcast,
tightly screwed up
against a bitter wind.
I see a holey stone
and pick it up.
Aren't they reputed
to grant wishes?
I bet you can't imagine
what I'm wishing for
as I slip it onto my finger?
A Russian Doll,
you and I.

I'm watching you
deep in conversation
with someone I've never met.
Without a glance
in my direction,
your body language betrays
embryonic love for me.
Searching your face
for confirmation.
It's unmistakably there
and I'm ecstatic,
aware of two futures on a collision course.
Our eyes meet - just for a second,
and a hint of a smile
plays around your lips.
Reassured that you want me
as much as I want you,
I am elated.

Flying high,
yet battling the Torments of Tantalus,
I approach my destiny.
But she arrives just in front of me,
throwing herself
into your waiting arms.
And I see that look in your eyes,
The look that melts my insides
is exclusively for her.
And I feel such a fool.


  1. Aw, This is such a great write Ygraine! And it probably does happen all too often in real life. Brilliant!:) Could see it all happening verse by verse.

  2. Ygraine..loved this..brilliantly written... and so powerful with imagery and feeling..there is always such 'movement' in your writing..on all levels! I love holey stones...that part struck me! your writing is such a gift..shine on!

  3. "Tantalizingly" just out of reach, but this poem brings it so close!

    I particularily like:
    "These, too, are signs
    that I was born to be with you."


    "Eyes downcast,
    tightly screwed up"

    Good one Ygraine!

  4. Hi Rose, has happened too many times I'm sorry to say. Never mind, that's life I suppose!

    Hi Victoria, I still have the holey stone. Unfortunately it hasn't granted any wishes yet. Who knows, given time and a lot of luck....:)

    Hi Gnome, Thank you. What I'd like to know is, why are these things always just out of reach?

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