Tuesday 29 May 2012


Bluebells and forget-me-not's surround
our log cabin in shades of spring sky;
while creepers slide, snake-like, around
weathered pine walls; their tendrils
straining to reach the golden evening Sun.

An ordinary summer house
in a typical country garden.
Appearances can sometimes be deceptive.
Because this is a place of extraordinary
inspiration, where hypnotic birdsong
lulls the mind into altered states
of consciousness; where
the heart opens to Soul language,
translating it effortlessly
into simple everyday words.

Here, I am the blank page that awaits
our collective life story:
am a humble transmission device
for Universal communication.
I think they call me "poet",
although the privilege is a fleeting one.
I cannot hold on to such ethereal impressions,
nor ever call them mine.
The best I can do is catch them as they pass
and record them here on this screen,
before they're lost forever
to the spiralling of time.

Today, I've been trapped in a creative void.
Yet as I now lean on the frame
of open window, watching
the lengthening shadows
trace crazy patterns across the lawn;
the sweet scent of honeysuckle
permeates a garden suddenly filled
with the most delightful birdsong...


  1. Very vivid imagary indeed as i could actually see myself being there at that time :-).

    1. Thank you Windsmoke, I really appreciate that.
      I was attempting to capture a moment in time there.
      So glad I seem to have managed it reasonably ok!

  2. Ooouuu, ooouu, ooouu, it tranced me. You ARE a transmission device! :)

    Oh to be so trapped!

    Peace Ygraine. I pray your recent sadness lessens.

    1. Hi Gnome,
      You are so kind. Thank you.

      I'm sure that, given time, I will absorb the sadness and learn to live with it.
      Thank you so much for caring.

  3. A poet in hearing and an artist in seeing! What a soul, what a life! What a post! Great read.

    1. Many thanks Dave.
      I just felt a great need to capture that moment before it was lost, and share it with other poets.

      I'm sure you've been here many times too!

  4. Nothing better than being "trapped in a creative void".

  5. Catching the words as they pass: is the art form of poets and that is your skill :)

    1. Many thanks Mel.
      I have to confess though,
      sometimes that skill feels a bit like a curse!

  6. What a fabulous place you describe - filled with magic - I could only wish to be so creative as to 'catch the words as they pass' Alas, I am but a blank page still waiting for some creative inspiration so you have indeed brought me a little hope :) thank you for sharing this moment with me.

    1. Rose,
      you and I are so alike!

      I usually struggle to find the appropriate words to express what I'm feeling, but at that moment they just seemed to flow.
      It must have been pure luck!

  7. As someone said above, you are a transmission device indeed, I felt myself transported yonder within a few seconds of reading. Being trapped in a creative void, and the stirring of new other words, the daily grind of the writer. How I wish I had a place like that to spend my working/waking hours in.

    1. Many thanks IcyHighs.

      I do consider myself really lucky to have this little 'Haven' to disappear into.
      It's great to escape the pace of daily life and it's continual noise:)

  8. Almost.
    Appearances can sometimes be deceptive.

    Then, I think they call me "poet",
    although the privilege is a fleeting one.

    Dear, just last night I was thinking about it, believe me.
    What's the difference between a good poet and a bad one, and if any, what's a "poet"...?
    Well, I think the answer came from your beautiful poem: birdsongs are poems, why? Because birds sing what they feel beautifully, captivating us, as easy as that.
    Be sure that every time you are expressing your feelings in a beautiful way, YOU ARE a poet and your impressions will never be lost.
    A hug.

  9. Hi Dona,
    Thank you so very much for your comment. I found it so encouraging.
    I totally agree with you. Birdsong is incredibly honest and open.
    If only we humans could express our feelings that easily without fear of ridicule or rejection.
    Maybe one day...
    Hugs Y


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