Saturday 13 October 2012


I am no parents' daughter ideal,
Not one to make them proud.
The proverbial sheep of black am I,
Controversial rebel "too loud."

I have no time for small-talk, etiquette,
Appearances or social mores;
And I'll never defer to elitist boys schooled
Behind closed Etonian doors.

Because who are these to formulate rules
When experience they clearly lack?
For how many of them have to scrimp and save
to put the shirt on their back?

Yet still they tax us right to the hilt,
Whilst feigning concern for our plight.
Do they really care about livelihoods lost?
I think not, for their future's bright.

So for this twenty-first-century girl
The revolution's begun.
It's time to take up verbal arms
And fight 'til the battle is won.

For I have this vision of a better life
Where there is no rich/poor divide:
No rulers, subjects, commoners or lords -
Just a Brotherhood Worldwide.



  1. It certainly would be an ideal world where everyone is equal.

    1. If only it were someday more than wishful thinking eh?!

  2. If only...! And yet the ideas that might have brought it about (Communism, Christianity etc), which are said to have failed, have in fact never been tried.

    1. It is indeed time to try try try again, don't you agree?

  3. It is a beautiful vision and a worthwhile revolution seems you have a lot of ammunition for this battle - well done Ygraine beautiful rhyme and rhythm <;0

    1. Many thanks Rose.
      Let's just hope this particular battle is won before the ammunition runs out! Hehehe:D

  4. Thank you Giancarlo.
    Happy Days :)


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