Wednesday 21 November 2012


Consciousness was sucked
into the furiously spinning disc,
catapulting me back
to nineteen-eighty-five...
You were there.
I could look, but never touch - that
was denied me.
But, oh, how I looked!
How you shone, God-like,
in the eyes of the idolatress,
as you fought your sword fights
across dreams devoid of sleep
where I endlessly fantasised,
breathless with wanting - where
anything was possible.
And all others around you
faded away,
their voices silenced.
There was only you
in your Lincoln Green,
arrow poised in your bow.
And I became it's string,
responding to your touch
with paroxysms of rapture: and
just for an instant,
I thought I saw recognition
flicker in your eyes.
Did you really connect
with the chaos of this besotted Soul
from your future,
as you stretched her to capacity
then let your arrow fly?
And were you surprised
that she felt it all
so carnally?
Your arrow hit it's mark
in the Greenwood
deep inside me.
And the wounded Oak wept
sticky resinous tears
to the strains of Clannad's
'Robin, the Hooded Man.'
The magic was lost then
in the credits that crawled
slowly up the screen - a
fitting tribute to the death
of blissful reverie,
for I found myself back
in an existence so lifeless
without you.
But the afterglow still lingers...

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)


  1. Now if that had been me, I would have been awake. I'm intrigued to know how you managed it awake - or have I completely misunderstood? Either way, a VERY impressive and enjoyable write.

  2. Dave, thank you so much.
    Perhaps being a practiced meditator helps!
    I think that younger Jason Connery must have wondered what hit him!! Hehehe :D

  3. I can relate to this. how you did this was amazing. you always always pull me in. can I ever say enough how gifted you are?? incredible. btw, I had my own hooded man in reality, same kind of thing though, could never touch.. and it's been a heartache that never left and like you wrote the afterglow still lingers. this poem, absolutely beautiful!!!

    1. Nyssa, you are so kind.
      I wish I were.
      You see, I struggle so much with words - usually.
      And yet this one just seemed to flow.
      I felt it, then wrote it as I recalled it.
      Wish they could all be as simple to write!!
      Perhaps we all try too hard sometimes....
      Thank you dear friend.

  4. What a wonderful tale you weave each time you put pen to paper! Another magnificent poem I do so enjoy your work Ygraine simply fabulous!

    1. Many many thanks Rose.
      Coming from so talented a poet as you, that means so much to me.
      You give me confidence, and that is truly precious gift that I've never had much of.

  5. This was a poem full of brio. I could almost see it riding on a horse into the distance.:-)

    Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you. I do so appreciate that.
      I suppose today London is as grey and wintery as it is here, so at least I guess we are sharing an experience in time!!
      Have a great day :)

  6. As a new visitor to this blog, I just want to say that this was a wonderful piece. I especially loved the closing: "But the afterglow still lingers..."

  7. Thank you so much for your visit, and for your comment.
    I really appreciate both.
    So glad you liked the poem :)


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