Thursday 3 January 2013


Come, Lady, wheel out your bin
With Christmas refuse packed;
And dare I hope I'll find a card
Tied to it's lid with string?
For that would make my ultimate
New Year's wish come true -
To read hot words written by you
Filled with longing and passion too:
Exclusively for me.

Please feel for me, Lady, as I do for you,
Can't you hear my unspoken plea?
I've worshipped you from afar so long,
Just a glimpse of you, and I
A knight of Arthurian legend become
Seeking that elusive Grail
In the hope it will grant my deepest desire.
Then I'd woo you and win you with clever words
And to Monaco we'd elope.

And our honeymoon would romantic be,
We'd travel the World in style:
Exploring exotic locations by day,
Then after the sunset fades
We'd be making love on a moonlit beach
While crashing waves reflect the silvery
Images of a starry sky.

Your front door opens and you pass me by
Without so much as a glance.
'Morning,' I say to attract your attention,
But you fail to even reply.
It seems a sanitary engineer
Isn't worth the time of day.
But for what it's worth, beautiful Lady,
My humble heart is yours...


  1. Haunting and sad! ( and did I say beautiful???) I loved the longing and the heartsickness in this. Unrequited of the subjects closest to my heart. I had a Lancelot once. This poem spoke to those memories. xoxo

    1. Thank you so very much, Nyssa.
      This was really an exploration into whether a man suffers as much as we do from unrequited love!!
      Having accessed my inner male, I'd say he definitely does. Hehehe:D xxx

  2. Wowness..your poetry always carries such power..i have enjoyed every single word..beautiful and brilliant!
    I look forward to more of your creative magic this new year!
    Wishing you an amazing 2013..filled with Blessings..and sparkles and Magic beyond!!
    Love and hugs kindred!

    1. I am so happy you enjoyed reading my simple little poem, Victoria. It is people like you who help me to keep writing on my darker days, and I really cannot thank you enough. You are my inspiration.
      May your year, too, be filled with everything you have ever dreamed of.
      Hugs & Blessings

  3. I love the lilt you have given to this - and being an old romantic myself, I love just about everything to do with it!

    1. Dave, thank you millions!
      I honestly posted this one with a little trepidation. I thought most people would find it rather soppy.
      But to find a fellow romantic...well, that has made my day!!
      So glad I did now :)

  4. So very touching.
    Unrequited love.

    And here, all I can picture is a woman crowned in pink curlers with slippers to match, wearing a faded robe as she tosses the trash.

    My heart goes out to Sir Lancelet. xx

  5. I must also add, your words did bring to mind Sir Lancelet - even before I read mention of his Legend and of the elusive Grail. xx

    1. Hehehe:D
      I love the pink curlers and slippers bit!
      I saw the pink too as I was writing, but it was a pink hoodie on a spoiled teenage girl!!
      Poor Sir Lancelot...should have chosen a real woman:(

  6. I really loved what you did with this my friend. This spoke to my inner-romantic!

    1. Thank you Keith. I really appreciate that.
      I envy you - wish my romantic would stay 'inner'.
      Would save an awful lot of problems!! Hehehe :D

  7. Oh, to be so loved and admired - but alas ... A lovely poem Ygraine a tinge of uptown girl to it, very touching!

    1. That is so amazing - I can hardly believe it!
      'Uptown Girl' by Billy Joel was playing through my head while I was writing must be psychic!!
      Thank you so much Rose :)


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