Thursday 30 May 2013


A protest...

Kimi, I was appalled today
when I heard of your pathetic affray
with Sergio. It was so unfair
to black his eye without a care.
Who, I wonder, do you think you are
to have the right to go that far -
like an arrogant child who can only see
his own point of view. It baffles me
how it has never occurred to you
that he could have ambitions too,
and surely you realise everyone knew
you turned in on him 'cos he's faster than you.
If you hadn't broken the rules that day,
Sergio would have streamed away.
Oh wouldn't it pain you to have to admit
defeat by a younger man more fit:
A driver who'll someday reach the top,
as you watch your name down the ratings drop.
So, Kimi, all to you I can say,
is if you can't play fair, then stay away!


  1. Don’t know the issues, but can relate to personality of who this is intended. Very good…

    1. Thank you, Anthony.
      I sometimes need to air my little protests! Haha:D

  2. Wow a lof of emotion behind this this truth, fiction, or a little bit of both?

    1. A little bit of both, I think!
      It was written in response to a photo of Sergio Perez with a serious black eye that appeared on fb after he and Kimi had a coming together during the Monaco Grand Prix last Sunday.
      Being a fan of Sergio, I simply couldn't resist making my protest. However, I'm still uncertain as to whether it actually did happen or not. I think it was probably a wind-up, as there has been no response from the paparazzi!:)

  3. Yes, a long overdue airing for the grand old virtue of pair play, I would say. Brilliantly composed, for it could have seemed dated but in fact feels right up to the minute.

    1. This one has landed me in a lot of hot water with Kimi fans but, hey, I believe it had to be said! haha:D
      Many thanks, Dave.:)

  4. The drama of daytime TV, brought in vivid words to the race track! As usual, you are full of surprises!
    Very well done, Ygraine! xx

    1. Thank you so much, Dale.
      That is so encouraging!:)

  5. I loved the way you voiced your protest in a such a stern tone but at the same time with a little bit of humour thrown in for good measure. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you so much.
      I'm glad the humour came across...didn't want it to sound TOO serious! haha:D

  6. Replies
    1. Many thanks.
      It was really great to hear from you x

  7. Haha Well done Ygraine! A good telling off that was - didn't hear if there was fisticuffs or not betwixt the two - but a marvellous protest anyway. Jolly good poetry :)

    1. The latest story I heard is that Kimi stated that someone ought to punch him, and then one of his devout fans posted the picture online!
      It has certainly prompted a fan war!! Haha ;D

      Many thanks for reading, Rose.
      It's always a great pleasure to hear from you xx


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