Friday 11 October 2013


For Dave King...

I'll not weep for your passing.
I will not disrespect you
by enshrouding myself in black
and wallowing in self-pity.
I'll don my green robe
and celebrate your ascension
to Higher Self.

But even that seems
somehow inadequate,
for you lived that truth already
while still here on Earth.
You were a teacher
of the most enlightened kind,
devoting a lifetime to helping those
with complex needs.
Oh, such a noble Spirit...

And you were my supporter
when I was on the verge
of giving up;
my strength, when self-doubt
possessed me;
and my inspiration
when words refused to flow.
I cannot begin to express
how privileged I feel
to have known you.

this may seem heartless,
but I shall not miss you.
How can I
when I see your face
in my cappuccino froth;
hear your voice
in the falling rain;
find your poetry
in these wind-tossed leaves of autumn?
You are not gone:
have simply exchanged your form
for another, composed of pure Light,
much finer, yet no less real.
I am aware of your comforting presence
at this very moment as I write these words -
hear you offering constructive criticism,
just as you always have.

I so loved you, Dave,
as friend and fellow blogger.
I love you still
as Kindred Spirit.
I always will...

So why is my heart breaking?


  1. He was one of the most amazing people I ever met on Blogger. I will miss him greatly.

    1. Yes, he will be greatly missed by so many of us.
      Thank you Keith.

  2. A fond, and comforting, farewell to the King ... xx

    1. Thank you so much Dale.
      I so appreciate that xxx

  3. my condolences, Ygraine and my love xoxo

  4. Those remembered continue in our life. Wonderful poem..

    1. You are so right Anthony...thank you so much.

  5. Dear Ygraine,
    I did not know Dave but I did see his comments on your blog, he was always very kind towards you.
    This is a lovely poem you have written in his memory.
    I am sorry for your loss, may the memory of Dave always be a blessing.

    Love & hugs my friend.


    1. Oh Margie...he was such a kind person, always ready to encourage others in their literary efforts. He will be sorely missed.
      And I am such a hypocrite...since posting this, I have been crying my heart sorry Dave.

      Thank you so, so much Margie...right now I desperately needed your hugs...:(

  6. oh sweety I know he hears you loud and clear and you are also helping him in his transition, this tribute to you dear friend Dave, is one of the best I've ever seen...he's smiling, no doubt

    1. Oh Lorraine I wanted to say so much more, but somehow all I could find were these meagre few words.
      I do hope he can read the hearts of all those who are mourning him here on Earth today...I'm sure, then, he will know for sure how loved he is.
      Many, many thanks xxx

  7. My Sunday post tomorrow is dedicated to him, too. I loved your poem. It is such a sincere tribute to such a great poet and human being. He would have appreciated it. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.
      His passing has affected so many people...this is indeed a sad time.
      I will visit and read your post shortly.
      Thank you once again.

  8. i missed this before...dave was a good friend...i wrote two poems of my own mourning of his passing...he was one of the good ones....

  9. I read your poems about Dave. They expressed so clearly how you felt about his so many of us felt.
    He was indeed one of the good ones...who could never be forgotten.
    Thank you Brian.
    We are united in our grief...


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