Friday 11 April 2014


You were my life.
We pledged forever.
Then wet road.
Split second miscalculation
in speed and distance.
A silver thread severed.

Crumpling metal.
Intense pain.
Slipping into limbo.
of losing you.
Desperately trying to hang on,
but I am drifting...

Vague awareness
of swift movement.
Rhythmic sounds.
Shadows in the light.

Energy following thought:
our bedroom.
Ethereal arms reaching out
to hold you
one last time.
Oh why can you
not feel me?
Will you ever know
how much I'm grieving too?

in everything.
I'm messing with your head -
or trying to.
Didn't you just awaken,
mind filled
with images of me
and my voice calling you?
Or was it no more
than the drone of non-stop traffic
passing by outside?
And perhaps you've glimpsed me
shadowing your every move
within the darkened mirror?

Aware of your thoughts:
No...just imagination!
Dismissing my presence,
you move on.

But I'm still here,
watching you without me.
I'm living out our future
in a lonely place
where every moment
feels like eternity.
Oh I long to stay forever by your side,
but the Spirit is driven.
The Light is dragging me home...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ygraine,
      I deleted that comment.
      Came back to leave this one.

      This writing tore at my heart
      but the ending made me feel hope.

      You write with so much feeling, so much heart,

      Love and blessings to you, always

    2. You are so kind, Margie...thank you so much!

      Big Hugs xxx

  2. There is tone of sadness and pangs of kind-of-unrequited love but that is what makes this verse even more lovely. Loved it. :-)

    Greetings from :

    1. Sorry Sonam...a glitch has placed my reply to your comment lower down the page...

  3. Intriguing piece Ygraine, sad to be in a place where every moment seems an eternity, but I was comforted by the last line:) Loved it!

    1. Thank you so much Rose.
      This one felt more like memory than imagination as I wrote it...and yes, the last line gave me comfort too...perhaps there is hope for this lost Soul too! *smiles*

  4. The story here pulls one through the pain, the yearning after the split second has taken place. I love your writing.. This reminded me of an old song that floats in and out: Last Kiss.

    1. It was the thought of that yearning that inspired this one, Anthony.
      Oh such pain that follows the split second miscalculation...and how on earth can a person live with it...sudden death and it's aftermath?
      So disturbing to even contemplate...

      Many thanks for reading this :)

  5. The sadness in its setting is so strong and uncomfortable though but the way you express is always exhilarating.
    Please be strong and live a life forward. God bless you always.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, Dumcho.
      I know I have lived much more than one life, and that at least one ended this way...this was like an echo.
      Many thanks for your positive wishes too...I so appreciate that :)

  6. Ygraine, you have taken me into a world of sadness and thankfully back to happier moments. You are such a talented writer and your words hold so much emotion~~~


    1. Many thanks, Jan...from the depths of my heart.
      I know you feel these things deep down too, so neither of us is alone in this experience.
      Every precious moment of life should be lived to the full...:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  7. i'm living out our future in a lonely place...that says so much tight there....
    and yeah, i hear that yearning...and knowing too that its not gonna happen
    but holding on to hope....

    1. Oh I so agree with you, Brian...without hope, what are we?
      Whatever happens, we need to hang on to that inner positivity...
      Many, many, thanks :)

  8. If I could have the words to comfort on such an inhuman loss,
    If I could for a few seconds relieve that gut-wrenching pain
    If I could take the horror and put in a dark box and bury it deep
    If I could hide from your heart and bury it into mine, I would.

    With Love, always
    Lorraine xoxoxo

    1. Oh Lorraine...your precious words bring such comfort...
      Bless you for your understanding and loving heart.
      May any Soul suffering like this be guided by your Light...

      Hugs xxx

  9. Hope, sadness, yearning, love. A very moving poem! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. Thank you so much, Stacy...your words mean so much.
      Big Hugs xxx

  10. I can feel the pain & sadness.....but very well penned.

    1. Thank you from my heart...both for reading this...and for your understanding...:)

      Big Hugs xxx

  11. Oh thank you, Sonam...I am so happy you liked the poem.

    I really like your blog too, but I have not been able to leave a comment for some reason:/
    I will keep trying though!

    Happy Monday :)

  12. Oh gosh this gave me goosebumps. It was truly heart wrenching. Keep up the good work!

    1. Many thanks Midnight...I really appreciate that!
      Have to admit...writing it gave me goosebumps too! lol :D


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