Thursday 8 May 2014


For Sergio Perez...

He's on another planet, feeling nothing
but the slipstream of the Williams in front of him.
He pulls out to overtake, gives it all he's got:
pedal to the floor, he's unstoppable today.
His nostrils flare with exhilaration.
He was born for this.
See how the spray from his tyres
gripping rain-drenched track
plumes into a rainbow arc,
while his eyes narrow in concentrated determination.

He sails by as if in a powerboat,
boring fearlessly through the tightest of gaps...
again...and again,
leaves the rest standing:
from eighteenth on the starting grid
to third in the final lap.
See his Force India's red tail light flashing
as he takes the chequered flag.

How his loyal fans roar in admiration
as he takes third place trophy on the podium.
But I guess he'll never know
of this pair of adoring eyes
at home, watching on a TV screen.
Nor of a silent heart-felt wish
to step up there,
to hug him
and kiss him on the cheek...


  1. The love for the racer, as well as the experience of remotely racing with this driver is wonderfully expressed.. I have images of a motorbike. I’m not sure why.

    1. Ha...yes...I could easily picture him on a motorbike too!
      I'm longing to see him up on that podium in first place before the end of this season...fingers X'd!!
      Many thanks, Anthony :)

  2. ha. def feel the caught up in the moment...made me think of the song The Distance by Cake....he's driving for force india now right?

    1. Me too, Brian...every race I find myself there in the driving seat, heart pounding...caught up in the excitement!
      I have never heard that song...I am intrigued, so will Google it.
      Yes, he is driving for Force India practice yesterday, his wing mirror flew off and he managed to catch it, then completed the entire lap driving one-handed with the mirror in the other hand, letting go of the steering wheel to change gear.
      It was quite a spectacle...had never been seen before!

      Many thanks, Brian:)

  3. This kinda reminds me of when I was the Autobahn a couple of weeks ago while in Germany. I wasn't driving but my oh my did some of the cars whoosh by!!

    1. I can imagine!
      I often dream of driving an F1 car...but the speed would kill me...literally!!*smiles*
      Many thanks, Keith :)

  4. This is so descriptive Ygraine!

    1. Thank you so much, Gloria.
      Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! xxx

  5. \I felt the tension so well described in the movement of the race car you wrote so excitingly, it made me feel like you knew him, a powerful write dear Ygraine

    1. Thank you so much, Lorraine.
      Yes...I am such a huge fan...I follow his career quite closely.
      I would love to personally attend a Grand Prix one is good to watch on TV, but the atmosphere of actually being there must be truly amazing.
      Thanks again, Lorraine. xxx

  6. I goggled him ... LOL
    He's a young guy and so handsome.
    He would like this poem, I did, truly.
    Bravo, Ygraine on a great writing.

    1. Oh thank you so much, Margie...I so appreciate that!
      I have everything crossed for a first place for him this season!!

      Hugs xxx

  7. *Googled' not goggled ... LOL

    1. glad it isn't only me!
      I'm sure you must have noticed my initial spelling mistake with the embarrassing!!
      I think my brain goes on strike sometimes...haha :D

  8. Your poem is so descriptive we feel like we are there.

  9. I love how you described his race ;o) I think he would truly love this poem and enjoy your hug and kiss ;o)

    1. Oh thank you, Stacy...that is a wonderful thought! :)

  10. Have a nice day tomorrow Ygraine!!

  11. Great poem. Time for an anecdote. When i frst read the ttiel of your beautiful poem I was lshocked. How does she know El Checo, I wondered? El Checo was the nickname of a guy I used to know back in my college days. After college we all went our separate ways and I never saw him again until... last year when I went back to Cuba and ran into him on the street. The reason for the nickname was that his mum (or dad, can't remember) was from the former Czechoslovakia (sp?). Checo=Czech. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Ha...fooled you there then, didn't I? *smiles*
      Really interesting anecdote CuL, thanks for that.
      As I understand it, Sergio inherited the nickname "Checo" when he was the youngest (the "baby") of the team. I can't say this is the truth, it is just what I've heard.
      So happy you liked the poem.

      Happy Monday :)

  12. Oh wow, lovely poem :) I'm sure it would be much appreciated :)

    1. Do you really think so?
      Oh thank you so much

  13. Ah, F1 you should get out there girl you'd enjoy it! But what have they done to the engines? The atmosphere's brilliant, you managed to create some yourself
    with your poem, great write :))

    1. Oh I just know I would, Rose!
      But those engines...why oh why do they have to fiddle with things?
      If Bernie Ecclestone has his way to attach a megaphone to the cars' exhausts...well, I ask myself "What next??" Haha:D

      Many thanks, Rose. So glad you liked it! :)


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