Thursday 19 March 2015


From here, sheep are white dots. The bracing air
is damp with mountain mist (or Dragon's breath)
and the distant closes in.
A crow caws from it's lofty perch
in a nearby buck thorn, and others respond.
Then the flock of huge blue/black birds take off
to collectively descend on something dead.

Gorse and owl-hollowed oaks slant over
the remains of Vortigern's Tower, that dominates the summit;

while the silver river below snakes gracefully
into the lake, slightly distorting it's upside-down world.
Can you see the eyes of Emrys in the water?
For it's here His vocation in boyhood began
with revelations of warring Dragons within this sacred hill.

This place is reminiscent of the best of Constable.
Snakes and lizards rustle through lush green ferns,
feasting on unsuspecting insects;
while thistles and briers claw through my sleeve,
drawing blood; and a grey squirrel
darts across the path ahead, startling me.
And here is the legendary Hawthorne.

It is said, that if you sit and watch patiently at dusk,
you'll be rewarded with the spectacle
of Emrys emerging from His tree.
So I sit quietly in Druidic robe, carved staff in hand...
and wait...and watch...and wait...
Listen - there is a rustling! My heart begins pounding.
Then an owl swoops down...and I hear a dormouse scream.


  1. wow this is sensational Ygraine I feel it I want to stay and I want to run but i stay to see and i see and i'm glad i didn't leave, gosh i love how you write I forget everything, my dear Woman, never stop is in you, like blood flows through your veins....

    1. Oh it means so, so much to know you liked this, Sweetie...I was really stuck on this one. The words I wanted just refused to come. I tried and tried, then eventually conceded defeat and posted it as it was.
      I do love writing...but sometimes I feel quite illiterate!
      You have really made my day...thank you so much :)

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  2. A wonderful presence created here, pulling me in to such a beautiful place and story…

    1. Oh thank you, Anthony!
      I took these photos last summer, and when I came across the top one I was so reminded of your Islands off is how I've always pictured them. Really wish I'd thought of it at the time I was there. Still I am planning another visit to Wales this summer...:)

  3. Oh...thank you, dear Ygraine...I feel as if I have been here among your beautiful and magical countryside and shared these moments with you!

    Hugs and Love

    1. Oh how I'd have loved to have had you there with me, dear Jan!
      It is such a beautiful and magical place...oh I know you'd love it!
      Thank you so much for sharing the dream with me...:)

      Love & Hugs xxx

  4. I feel enveloped in a sort of magical mist. Your poem did that. Thanks! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Oh wow...that is exactly how I felt at the time, wonderful that you feel it too!
      Thank you so much:)

      Greetings from a rather grey Hampshire!;)

  5. How wonderful you write dear Ygraine.
    You truly have an amazing way with words!
    Felt like I was right there with you and wonderful photos as well.

    Hugs dear lady
    xo xo
    P.S I so look forward to the poem about your mother ...

    1. Dear are so kind! Thank you so much.
      I've always had such a love of Wales, and this beautiful place in particular. It has such a powerful atmosphere.:)

      Thank you, also, for inspiring me to write about my mother. I am working on a poem now. Our relationship was a very difficult one, but I think I can finally face exploring it now - thanks to you, dear friend - and I feel the exercise may well prove cathartic...well, I hope so, anyway! heart-felt thanks! :)

      Love & Hugs xoxoxo

    2. You are so welcome dear lady ... it's always such a joy to visit you and read your poetry.
      I truly hope the poem you are working on now does prove to be cathartic ...I am happy my poem gave you the inspiration and I will be waiting for it.

      Take care dear girl and have a beautiful weekend.

      Hugs and love,always
      xo xo

    3. So sorry, Margie...I've only just seen this kind comment! is posted now, and the writing of it did indeed prove cathartic. I actually feel I may be able to move on now...and all thanks to your wonderfully inspiring poem!
      Once again...thank you so, so, much...xoxoxo

  6. Those are such peaceful scenes my friend, including your poem . . . that I read.

    1. Oh yes, it is such a beautiful, atmospheric and peaceful place.
      I have been there five times, and only once did I see one other person there.
      It is definitely the place to be if you want quiet solitude...

      Many thanks, my dear friend! :)

  7. Boa tarde, encantado com as belas fotos que revelam a bela natureza, a partilha é magnifica.

    1. Thank you so much, AG. Your kind words are really appreciated! :)

  8. Ygraine, your poem is lovely and the scenes in these photos make me want to just sit back and enjoy the views. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Ygraine, your poem is lovely and the scenes in these photos make me want to just sit back and enjoy the views. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Oh I so wish you could see this beautiful place for yourself someday, Linda. Photos really can't do it's beauty justice.
      Thank you so much! :)

  10. The nature is even pristine in your area too. Have not been so kind of surprised. Bhutan, my country is already flooded by such forests and trees, valleys and hills and rivers and springs. Loved that place as well.

    1. I'd so love to visit your beautiful country one day, Dumcho.
      Every time I see the stunning pictures you post, I long even more to see it for real!
      And yes, Wales is a beautiful part of this country too...but I think you are fortunate enough to have much more of the beautiful landscape than we do here.

      Many thanks, my friend.:)

  11. Your writing is captivating! I've seen your name on different places I visit so thought I would stop by. Great blog you have here.

    1. Oh wow...thank you so much for your visit, Sandy...and your beautiful comment. Both are so appreciated!

      Have a great day.:)

  12. Ygraine
    __You are already aware that I use few words, one could say... my bank is empty. But here I must say... had it not beem for this deep verse, and the history exposed there in, I'd not have known about DINAS EMRYS, or the castle at its apex, a memorable site! For the need of my investigation, I thank you_!

    of loose stones
    at the crest of this mountain
    an owl sentry


  13. Brilliant Haiku...this one really does sum up the true essence of this beautiful place!
    Oh I think you'd love to be here and soak up the profound atmosphere. As there are few visitors brave enough to attempt the steep climb to the summit, it is one of the few places that retains it's aura of mystery!

    Many thanks, DD :)

  14. Sensational writing and beautiful images, what a lovely story you
    have built around the summit :)

  15. Thank you so much, Rose.
    My kinship with this beautiful place borders on the obsessive!! lol


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