Sunday 27 September 2015


When are you going to see?
When will you understand?
Doesn't mean you own me
just 'cos I held your hand.

Won't be just another photo
in a playboy's book of fame:
mere pawn to inspire a moment of envy
in some pathetic one-upmanship game.

So goodbye, I've had enough now
of high class predatory wolves.
Can no longer stand being kept in the closet
with your tweeds and worsted wools.

I'm going back to my home now,
where rustic roots run deep.
Oh I've finally realised where my future lies -
far away from some cosseted creep.

Well what will you do without me?
Just find another gullible fool
and turn her head with charm and champagne
until she really believes you're cool!

But maybe someday you'll comprehend
that even mongrels like us still feel,
and we don't exist solely to provide a diversion
until you marry your social ideal.


  1. No one wants to be kept.
    There is no freedom in that - being a treasure
    only thought of when needed.

    The feeling of never being good enough sucks too.

  2. Very true, "X"!
    This poem was a response to something I saw on TV.
    Just couldn't get it out of my mind...the shallowness of it is totally alien to my way of thinking.
    How could anyone submit to that kind of possession?
    Is beyond me...:/

    Many thanks, "X" :)

    1. I think that there are many that do. Because it is easier than fighting it, maybe. There is a lot of convenience attached to it - but def scary.

  3. Great depiction of such wolves, and seeing through them..

    1. Wolves of the worst kind, I think...*smiles*
      Many thanks, Anthony! :)

      Have a great day.:))

  4. Really right to the point - and love it!! I'm guessing Money is what would make one submit to that kind of possession . And that reason would definitely be beyond me. I really like this Ygraine.

    1. You're right, Sandy...I believe it is probably money.
      But would it ever be worth the loss of dignity?
      Definitely not!
      Many thanks, my dear friend.:))

  5. Awesome, Ygraine! I especially love how you ended this! Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  6. Awesome, Ygraine! I especially love how you ended this! Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

    1. Oh wow...don't quite know how to thank you, Linda...your kind words have well and truly touched my heart...and they mean so much.:))

  7. This is an exceptional poem that echoes within itself and delivers different subtleties to different times of my life with each reading. I don't know how you do that but find it fascinating. My compliments.

    1. Oh wow...that you should have found such depth in my genuinely astounding.
      What an amazing compliment!
      Thank you so, so much...:))

  8. HI Ygraine..Powerful!! This was Gorgeous and Brilliant..I could totally envision a music video with this for some reason..the imageries just magically played out in my head..awesome! I love the play on wolves, tweed, the poetic thread you weave so well!! I also love the vision of the rustic woods..and the feeling of freedom...beautifully written my magical are such a poetess and inspiring always!! Amazing work!
    Wishing you a magical I have missed your realm of creation!
    HUgs and Blessings sister-kindred!

    1. Oh you leave me speechless!
      Your more than kind words have truly touched my heart...and the idea that you can find music in this piece is wonderful...
      Oh wow!!!
      My sincerest heart-felt thanks...:)

      Season's Blessings, Dear Kindred...and Big Hugs xoxoxo

  9. Es un poema muy potente y el final es magnifico.

    1. Oh thank you, Boris...I truly appreciate that! :)

      Have a magical day.:))

  10. Great verse, "Y" _!
    __If I feel insulted by someone's allusion that I am not of their "proper class" I silently consider that, that insinuation.... as a "compliment". The contrary so often seeks a higher standard. Smiles_! _m

    1. Oh how true, Doug...I hadn't thought of it that way!
      Certainly makes me feel a whole lot better about a situation like that! ;))

      Many thanks, my friend.:)))

  11. Whoever that poem was directed at, must be feeling pretty good that they inspired such high-quality poetry. I know that they will probably take a hike afterwards (as requested). But c'mon, quality is quality! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. It was a brilliant period drama on of those rare outstanding productions that really got inside my head, arousing such strong emotion! *smiles*
      Oh how angry that character made me...hats off to the writer!! lol

      Many thanks, CiL...I so appreciate that.:))

      Have a great day!

  12. Replies
    1. Oh thank you, Ana...that means so much...:))

  13. If you could search the whole Universe you would never find another YOU! You are one of a kind, unique. The elements that make You came from exploding stars and traveled light years through space to eventually combine and make the person known as you! Some people's inability to recognize a treasure when they see one does not diminish it's value.

    1. Oh wow...that is so beautiful, "MR"...makes me wonder why we fail to see such depths in ourselves or others?
      A part of the human condition I guess...a lesson to be learned...?

      Thank you so much for opening my eyes...:))

      Many thanks

  14. So powerful and thought-provoking.

    1. Many thanks, happy you enjoyed this!

      Have a fabulous weekend! :))

  15. My Dear, are an amazing and talented writer. I know that I have said this before...but I cannot say it enough!!!
    Now...I love wolves...the four legged kind :) The type of wolf in your fantastic poem I have met, in my younger years of course, and thankfully recognized the beast for what he was! The sad part is that he had probably found more prey to play his game with and moved on.
    Maybe today he is fat and bald and prey for buzzards :)

    Hugs & Love

    1. Haha...oh how I love that last line, dearest Jan!!
      Yes, that would be true poetic justice, wouldn't it?!

      I know what you mean - I encountered quite a few of this type of wolf in my younger days too. Unlike you though, I only learned to recognize them after being badly bitten more than once. Think I must have lacked your wisdom!
      My dear are too kind.
      But I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that you enjoy my literary efforts.
      Thank you...thank you...from my heart.:)

      Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  16. Brilliant! Kick ass! Great words!!!

    1. Oh thank you, much! :)

      Lots of Love xoxoxo


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