Sunday 28 August 2016


Here, it was love at first sight: the homecoming
avidly sought throughout a lifetime. Ancient
emotionally charged walls and parapets drew me in,
and now I cannot imagine ever wanting to leave
a place so enigmatic and enchanting.
To most, it appears only atmospheric - harboring the subtle echoes
of long-forgotten triumphs and tragedies.
Our footfalls and voices intrude, but the house remains aloof:
a non-interactive observer, rooted in bygone times.

Exquisite oaken beams are edged with quatrefoils, demi-angels and pierced tracery,
lovingly crafted by expert hands using skills now practically extinct.
But this ornamentation is only a small part of Lytes' timeless allure -
past generations of occupants remain here still.
They impress themselves upon our consciousness,
infusing our minds with a powerful sense of belonging.
These days, as I walk among them, they totally inhabit me.
Then each time I leave, I am hollowed out.

These ethereal beings mingle with the visitors,
their footsteps following well-trodden familiar paths.
The two leather ladies, one either side of the fireplace,
keep watch as the centuries roll by.
Their expressions appear somewhat haughty, possibly disapproving.
It is as if they know, can see into our Souls
and interpret our life-paths and aspirations.
But these have no interest in our trivial wants -
for they are from an age before self became all-absorbing.

A spectral Lady Catherine Neville stands
examining her own portrait that adorns the Oriel chimney piece.
Casual observers walk clean through her. One remarks:
"There is a peculiar chill here. It sends shivers down my spine.
I don't like this place at all. It reminds me of a ghastly sepulchre!"
Such blasphemy shocks me.
My Lytes Cary could never be an abode of the dead.
The truth is in the company I keep - and what I shall someday also be:
an indelible shadow on the stone spiral staircase...


  1. So well said these observations of and old place with a past once lived in and now just observed..

  2. You speak as if you had once traversed and lived among these lovely old halls, my dearest Ygraine.
    Are you a reincarnation from its' past or have you have an old soul that found its' way to a new home? Either have brought this gorgeous place alive for me and for others...Thank You!!!

    Much Love and Many Hugs, Always

    1. I'm not quite sure which, dearest Jan...I just went for an arbitrary visit - and it felt like coming home.
      Now, all I want to do is return there...:)

      Thank you so much, my dearest friend.

      All my Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  3. Ah . . . such a mesmerizing place Ygraine my friend, thanks for sharing!

    1. It is such a fascinating house, Lon...I really wish you could see it for yourself.
      I could picture you there, in the dead of night, just soaking up the tranquil atmosphere...:)

      Many thanks, my friend! :))

  4. Look like a beautiful and interesting place Ygraine, lovely,
    Hugs !!

  5. Look like a beautiful and interesting place Ygraine, lovely,
    Hugs !!

    1. Oh it really is, Gloria!
      Oh I think you would love it.:)

      Many thanks, my dear friend.

      Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  6. Wow back 2 U, friend Yggy ... when I was 6 years old, I had a similar experience when visiting Castle Meersburg by Lake Constance(Germany) ... it was and still is the most inspiring place on earth for me ... visited the castle again a few years ago ... and the feeling of awe and wonder is still there ... probably to stay ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    1. Ahem, and why r U not in school, young lady? ... smiles ... did you not say, U r going back 2 school? ... smiles ... Love, cat.

    2. Oh I love that feeling,'s like you've stepped through time and into another layer of awareness, isn't it?
      Aah yes...hoped no one would notice I'd taken a sneaky hour or two off!
      Well, if I'd in much more information at that time I think my brain would have exploded!! lol

      Have a brilliant Sunday!

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  7. Loving the architecture. Stunning manor.

    1. Thank you so much, glad you liked it!

      Have a great day.:))

  8. This poem is a beam from a romantic past, whether edged in quatrefoils or ethereal light I cannot tell, but your take on its architecture and repairs over the centuries comes through beautifully. Neither have I passed through the shade of the Duchess of Norfolk, but should I ever, I will pay a compliment to her long life and tenacious spirit. A wonderfilled post Ygraine, atmospheric and riveting.

    1. Oh wow...thank you, Geo...your kind words mean more than you will ever know.
      I truly appreciate that.:)

      Have a wonderful day! :))

  9. Grand photos and verse,"Y".
    __ We must all realize that history and historic monuments, have shaped our lives; the now, is a gift from the past. _m

    1. So true, Doug...without the past, we wouldn't be here...and neither would these beautiful monuments to long lost times...

      Thank you so much.:))

  10. Wow, what an amazing place!!! Stunning!
    Always remember, you are a wonderful confident woman!! I know you will do well with the course!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Oh really are SO kind...and I appreciate your encouragement so, so much!
      Confidence has never come naturally to me...but you have inspired me more than words can express.
      I am indebted to you always...:))

      Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  11. Looks like an amazing place to visit. What tales those walls could tell, all that history. Hope you had a very happy summer. Hugs,G

    1. It really is such a magical place...and it's long history is absolutely fascinating!
      Yes, thanks, it has been a good summer - especially after the turmoil of last November.
      Do hope all goes well with your must be so excited! :)

      Big Hugs xoxoxo

  12. Boa tarde, as belas fotos mostram na perfeição o lindo local.
    Resto de boa semana,

    1. Thank you so much, AG...yes, it is such a beautiful place to visit.
      I can't wait to return there!:)

      Have a fabulous day. :))


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