Friday 20 January 2017


Alone on the canal, with nothing but water
and passing hedgerows, their reflections distorted
in the aqueous world beneath it's cathedral-like arches of beech.
What lies beyond the next bend? A multitude
of weeping willows, caressing the water's edge
like graceful ballet dancers, their slender swirling fronds
hypnotising incredulous eyes. Awestruck.
I hadn't expected to be so drawn into this surreal realm -
so connected with such beauty. I am the water's ecstasy.

Overhead the coal-black crows call to my Soul, like
black snowflakes wheeling in the blue sky.
Their cacophony is the only sound, apart from the rhythmic splashing
of my paddle. I hope and mentally pray that this trip will never end.
Tall brown bull rushes sway as I pass,
dancing to my soundless tune, and the occasional call of frogs
pulls my gaze to the green/brown flashes of movement on the near bank.
My unwelcome intrusion has disturbed their peaceful siesta.
Just one more bend, and both canal and hedgerows abruptly end.

All that lies ahead now is stark civilisation.
From an overhead bridge, the sudden stench of exhaust fumes
forces it's poisonous breath deep into asthmatic lungs.
This bridge is too artificial: such an inappropriate terminus for Nature's glory.
I climb out onto the tow path's end and sigh as I deflate my kayak.
The bridge forms a borderland between worlds, between beauty and ugliness,
and I know I must now rejoin that chaos
that most term urbanisation, with it's electric fields, brainwashing and self-deception.
And I feel broken, like a crushed car in a long-abandoned scrap yard...

I am having a few health issues at present and have to go into hospital for some tests.
I will return to Blogging as soon as I can...
until then, I will miss you all. xoxoxo


  1. Hi Ygraine!!! Wow, Wow, Wow!!!
    You are an amazing writer! Not only do you tell a terrific tale, but with your talent, I picture it in my mind in technicolor!!!

    Love those black snowflakes :)

  2. Parabéns pela bela escrita. Um lindo fim de semana

  3. Indeed, very good. Best of luck.

  4. your writing surrounds my imagination and make me feel your soul's ventures with all along it's joys and gloom.
    bridge is way to connect tow different worlds ,it can revolutionize the whole scene and can make the humanity rule instead of discrimination .
    i truly enjoyed this beautiful portrait of word!
    i wish and pray that all health issue resolve soon and you be back to your lovely blog with perfect heath dear friend.

  5. A beautiful poem. I felt I was part of it --hard to explain. But thanks, Ygraine. I hope your hiatus will be brief and look forward to the pleasure of your renewed company.

  6. Enjoyed. I wonder though if moving between civilization and nature can be any other way. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. Beautiful photo, really really beautiful...and such a great poem to accompany it.

    I also LOVE your new avatar photo, you look great!!!

    I am sorry about the health issues. Sending healing thoughts your way and hope you are much better soon. Lots of hugs too, G :-)

  8. Sending you Big Hugs, Much Love and Healing Prayers!! I will miss you too! I'm sorry you have to go in to the hospital!
    Such a beautiful, powerful poem! This really touched my soul, what you wrote!

  9. What lovely anf nice poem.
    Hope you feel better soon dear!

  10. Beautiful poem and photo, dear friend. Ygraine, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you much love and warm hugs.

  11. I hope we can get a good balance. :)

  12. __ Oh "Y"... that feeling of being alone, the only human in that magic realm of nature, at one with a real world, within its falseless air of now.

    a paddle
    swirls this silent stream


  13. beautifully written and THis I know is True - ... urbanisation, with it's electric fields, brainwashing and self-deception.
    And I feel broken, like a crushed car in a long-abandoned scrap yard..."

    So glad to be away from that incessant noise and industry - Even having moved away from it I can still hear the buzzing in my head. I think it's a permanent sound (or maybe its' tinnitus) but it did get better when I moved to the mountains.

  14. Boa tarde, esse sentimento faz que consiga escrever de uma maneira ímpar belos poemas.

  15. Beautiful poem. I wish you the best of luck in hospital. Please, look after yourself.

    Greetings from London.

  16. This is lovely Ygraine and you are lovely and I hope everything is ok, and that you're in fine health xo

  17. And Please let me know as soon as your well enough to do so, I send you healthy vibes, my dear Ygraine

    1. Oh Sweetie...can't seem to leave a comment on your posts, so will leave one here and hope you get to see it?!
      Really wanted to thank you for your kind words of support...and tell you how much they are appreciated.
      Thank, so much...:)

      All My Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  18. just stopping in to send some more hugs, good wishes and healthy energy. take care Y'graine.

  19. preciosa imagen..te mando un saludo desde Murcia...

  20. __Visit upon visit, but the lack of update causes my deep concern; I truly hope all is well, "Y".

    1. Be well "Y" ... good Spring wishes, 3-31-2017 and beyond!

      tick and tock
      when the spring bells sound
      birds discuss

  21. Ygraine miss you . HJope all is well at Hospital. Take care :) :)

  22. I hope you feel better soon, my friend. Please keep us updated!

  23. How are you doing? You are missed Ygraine. Take care and hugs.

  24. How are you doing? You are missed Ygraine. Take care and hugs.

  25. Hello my beautiful friend, I am thinking of you always and shining positivity and love to you! Hope all is well.
    Beautiful writing...always powerful, soulful and deeply intense in imagery...gorgeous photo..

    A friend always here if you need
    Massive hugs and so much love

  26. Best wishes, Ygraine. Thinking of you.

  27. i came to see what's new and notice it's been so long since you posted. hope all is okay with you.


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