Sunday 9 February 2020


Ferocious south-westerlies cut to the bone:
a merciless invasion from the Arctic
that intensifies my anxiety and sense of separation.
Today feels like the end of an era...

It's February, and storm Ciara is battering the land.
You, too, are agitated and anxious to be gone.
Jangling nerves make you snappy. I picture you alone later
in the taxi scribbling notes and frowning,
deep in thought. And my heart aches for your nervous uncertainty:
new career in an unfamiliar city - a huge step up.
Sensing your thoughts: Am I up to the challenge? Will I succeed?

Trying so hard to absorb it all for you, to
free you from what I know is gnawing at you inside.
It is my destiny, my duty, willingly undertaken.
The definition of a mother's love.

Lingering now on Portsdown Hill,
the city below aglow with lights.

And knowing you're down there somewhere
in your lonely hotel room is emotionally draining,
because I know I must leave soon for home without you.
But it's so hard to tear myself away,
so, so hard.

A spectral umbilical is tugging at my heart.


  1. I have just heard about Ciara storm, scary, hope everything will be fine! Have a lovely day!

    1. Aww, thank you, Natalia!:))
      Yes, a bit grim here today, but the forecasters say it should be gone by this evening!

      Many thanks...and wishing you a lovely day too!!

      Hugs xxx

  2. I understand what you mean dear Ygraine.
    Send you hugs and love !

    1. Where has your blog gone? I looked for it and couldn't find it!
      Do hope all is ok with you?

      Much love and hugs xxx

  3. Ah! I know Portsdown Hill...Yes!
    And..Southwick House is close by the north
    side of the hill, it was the HQ for U.S.
    General Dwight D. Eisenhower during the
    D-Day invasions, the generals prayed together
    before D-Day at Christ Church Portsdown, on
    the hill, which has a memorial window.....! ;).

    I was a Mother and Father to my daughter for l understand where yer coming from..! ;(.
    Especially the time when it was time to leave home,
    Uni..Then work etc..I remember the first night, l
    was on my own, for the first time ever..Well...
    you can imagine the rest..All l can say is..I cried!
    She's 43yrs of age now..settled, and l'm so proud
    of her..l'd give my life for her..!
    And..l still cry after a visit and she drives off
    back home..Bless her..she's a bit weird like her Dad..
    Not only a Fathers day card, but l also get a Mothers
    day card to..!

    Bit windy in Dorset to..No! Visit to Lidl's
    supermarket to~day, Lidl's is up top of town,
    next to the cemetery....So l thought l'd give
    it a miss...Looking a bit'grave' up there...
    Best go tomorrow and 'bury' the hatchet....!

    1. I didn't know about that...many thanks for all the fascinating historical info...I will seek out that memorial window next time I go there!
      Ha, I used to think when our children grew up we'd worry about them less...doesn't work that way, does it? Lol

      Thank you so much! :))

      Hugs xxx

  4. Ygraine,
    The Brazilian poet and ambassador Vinicius de Moraes wrote:

    "Son; it's better not to have it; but if we don't have it, how can we know about it? ..."

    Only those who have what you call: "A spectral umbilical is pulling my heart". ... Know the concerns that the world brings to the son and to the other people we love so much.
    Many kisses!!!

    1. Oh I love that resonates so deeply!:))
      I guess we never stop worrying about those we matter how far from us they travel.
      Thank you so much, Doug...

      Many kisses back xxx

  5. Oh most heartfelt thanks, Yannis...and my deepest appreciation! :))

    Have a super day! xxx

  6. A mother's thoughts and emotional distress... helplessness in our instinct to protect those we love.
    Beautifully written my dear friend.

    Hope all is well with you now and stays that way. I want my friends, family and loved ones to be happy and healthy.

    Hugs and Much Love Dearest Ygraine ❤❤ ❤❤ ❤❤ ❤❤ ❤❤ ❤

    1. Dearest Jan...oh thank you...with all my heart!😊😊
      You are the kindest and most wonderful soul...and I wish you and your loved ones all the health and happiness in the world...both those living, and those who have passed on.

      Sending you all my love and hugs, always ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Your poem filled me with great warmth my friend, yet my tears wanted to fall like rain, to the point I hardly knew where I was.

    1. Oh that is so kind, Lon...thank you so, so much for your truly means so much!😊😊
      Keep cheerful, my good are always in my thoughts 😊

  8. Hugs, and a heap of well wishes to you both.
    That spectral umbilical is never cut. Never ever.

    1. Oh thank you so much, Sue...your kind words of comfort truly touch my heart!😊😊
      That is so would think the older a child grows, the less the umbilical would pull. Not true!!!

      Stay safe, my dear friend...and happy!

      Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  9. This is so sweet and so understandable from a mother's point of view. I did read you had this storm coming in. I hope his new job goes well for him.

    1. Oh you are so kind, Sandy...thank you so, so much!😊😊

      Have a wonderful day!

      Big Hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  10. Another Powerful Entry - Good On Ya - Be Well This


    1. Many thanks...I really appreciate that!😊😊

      Have a super day!!

  11. Hi, Ygraine. I have no children but I do have lots of nephews and nieces. I've seen my sisters going through what you are experiencing now. But time heals all wounds - even those that seem to grow with the distance.
    He'll be fine! You'll be fine.

    1. Oh your kind words of comfort have cheered me today, Ana...thank you so, so much!!😊😊

      Have a wonderful day!

      Big Hugs ❤❤❤

  12. Beautiful poem. Thanks. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  13. So good to hear from you again...and thank you so much!😊😊

    Greetings from Hampshire.

  14. This resonates so much … it is true 'we never stop worrying about those we matter how far from us they travel'

    … and as if Storm Ciara wasn't enough it now seems likely we have Storm Denis on the way.
    Stay safe.

    All the best Jan

    1. Yes, so true, Jan! Baby to adult, it makes no difference.πŸ˜‰
      Thank you so much😊😊

      Storm Denis...tell me about it!! My son is moving house over the weekend and we are all due to help with the furniture - if it isn't all blown away...and us with it!! Lol
      You are closer to the coast than us, aren't please do take care too.

      Have a great weekend!😊😊

      Hugs xxx

  15. tears dropping my eyes i just want to give you ah loving hug(may i need more one )dearest Ygraine!

    yes it seems exactly like tearing apart when your precious part separates my dear friend!
    but i bet when you think about his happiness belong to it's future and when you think how much this journey means to him you smile and pray that may he explore himself through all struggles and achievements he is going to make and accomplish what he wants to in life successfully!

    wishing you more peace of mind and soul in days ahead dear Ygraine !amen!

    1. Dearest Baili...I know you have been through this recently too...except for you it must have been much harder ,son because your son travelled to another country to study.😒
      But, as you so rightly say, these things mean so much to the person...and so they are a part of his life path.😊
      I guess, as mothers, we will never stop missing them...and, of course, that is how it should be... unconditional love!😊😊
      Thank you so much, my dear friend!

      Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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