Saturday 7 March 2020


Visiting Uncle Bill was always amusing to my brother and I.
The adult's favourite topic was politics,
and that subject almost always became heated.
Bill and Mum could never see eye-to-eye
and then when the debate inevitably shifted onto the Monarchy,
well, Chris and I would catch each others' eye
and try hard to stifle our giggles.
Mum's face would gradually turn bright scarlet
with rage, while Uncle Bill would reach
for his whisky bottle with shaky hands.
He was firmly anti-establishment, and she
was staunch Royalist. They were never 
going to agree in a month of Sundays - and yet
they still insisted upon goading each other
into all-out war!
We children would eventually slip out unnoticed
and head for the meadow and then the river beyond,
our suppressed laughter finally bursting free
in an avalanche of choking gasps.

Oh how we relished those Sundays!
The distraction from boring homework
somehow brought us out of ourselves.
We saw things more clearly: the duplicity
of the adults, who severely chastised us
for arguing and fighting - when here they were
doing exactly the same thing, and right in front of us!
But we could forget all that
while we were climbing the weeping willows
and racing our boats made from leaves and twigs
on the fast flowing current.

Towards lunch time, though, we would
slink back to the house, all morose
and apologetic for having disappeared
without permission. And we accepted our telling-off's
without protest. We knew from experience
that it was futile to point out the hypocrisy. We were "mere children"
and so were required to obey without question.
Unfair. But that's just the way things were.


  1. Enjoyed. Reminded me so much of younger days with siblings visiting family.

    1. I guess we all have these kind of memories! πŸ˜‰
      So happy you enjoyed, Anthony...and many thanks😊😊

      Have a great weekend!

  2. Talking about politics with family can be hard! That's why I try to stick with nicer topics☺ Have a lovely day ☺

    1. Never an easy subject, is it?
      I guess I just like a (huge) challenge sometimes!! Lol
      Many thanks, Natalia.😊😊

      Wishing you a lovely day too xxx

    2. I have been trying to leave a comment on your blog...but the comment box seems to have vanished!πŸ˜•
      Please can you help? xxx

  3. Oh so very familiar.
    In our case it was my father and mother whose politics were poles apart...
    And yes, it was unfair. And is unfair to this day.

    1. That must have been much harder...oh I do so feel for you.πŸ™ At least we could go home at the end of the day and forget the arguing!
      Many thanks, Sue.😊😊

      Much love and hugs ❤❤❤

  4. İnteresting post 😊 have a nice weekend 😊

    1. Thank you!😊😊
      Have a lovely

  5. What a wonderful memory that you have it!
    Children know what is going on even when our parents don't.
    It is a matter of "don't do what I what say!"

    Big Hugs and Much Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. So very true, dearest Jan!πŸ˜‰
      Oh how the double standards used to annoy us as children...and now I guess we have probably inadvertently inflicted the same upon our children on occasions πŸ˜•...although I hope not!!
      Thank you so much, my dear friend!😊😊

      Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Sums up weekends with family so well, what a great poem! :)

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) We had a date night last night which was awesome :)

    Away From Blue

    1. Oh thank you so much, Mica...for your visit and the fabulous comment!😊😊
      So happy you had a brilliant date! xxx

  7. Ygraine,
    It is necessary to climb the tallest trees, create our illusory boats, with the branches that remind us of the trees of those Sundays, where we run together, in the fast current. It is life in motion, in the past, that does not return.
    Another beautiful story.
    Many kisses!!!

    1. Oh thank you, much!!
      I truly appreciate that 😊😊

      Sending you many kisses back!

  8. When I was a young boy my stepfathers and mother would go on for hours fighting late at night into the early morning to the point that I wasn't able to get any sleep. The only thing I could do when that was going on is find the darkest corner to hide in.

    1. Oh Lon, I really feel for you. That must have been so hard to cope with.πŸ™
      My parents used to fight a lot, but I think it was mainly because my mother was often being very difficult. I used to feel really sad for my father. He always tried his best to keep her happy...but it was never enough for her! πŸ˜•
      Many thanks, my friend...

      Wishing you a great day!😊😊

  9. Thank you so much, Yannis...and I am really happy you enjoyed!!😊😊

  10. enjoyed!
    have a nice day buddy.

    1. Thank you!😊😊

      Wishing you a great day too!!

  11. I Read This Twice - The Second Time Was Fascinating As I Was Able To Free My Mind - Wonderful Story Time With Little Y


    1. Can't tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed!😊😊
      And thank you so, so much!!

      Have a super day...

  12. Wonderful memories you've shared here... and climbing the weeping willows, racing boats made from leaves and twigs sounds wonderful.

    I wonder how many children these days do this?

    Hope your week is going well.

    All the best Jan

    1. Sadly, not many,I imagine.πŸ™
      Phones and tablets seem to have taken the place of these enjoyable activities...

      Thank you so much, Jan!😊😊

      Wishing you a great week too!!

      Hugs xxx

  13. that was fun to read - and reminded me of the times as a kid when our relatives would come over and it always ended up in arguments - about why my mom got to live in the house their dad built when the other siblings had to own or rent theirs. I can remember the feeling of falling asleep on the living room floor and dozing into a twilight sleep but still in the distance hearing them argue. I really enjoyed your story.

    1. Oh thank you so much for sharing your story too, Sandy... isn't it amazing how many people have very similar experiences - and I had believed my family was the exception to the rule!! Lol
      I'm really happy you enjoyed 😊😊

      Hugs xxx

  14. Obey, I understand that! LOL!
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories!
    Big Hugs!

    1. Oh thank you, much!!😊😊

      Lots of love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. oh this one made my day :)

    thank you for such lovely reminder dear Ygraine

    it took me back in days when father would stay home for two days during holidays ,mom and father would talk over politics which seems so annoying ,their other favorite topic was refreshing memories and it was amazing to be part of them
    oh yes obeying without question was powerful formula and this one made us what we are today ,i think children are not in position to leave on their own decision s completely ,guidance is needed specially in this part of age


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