Sunday 24 April 2011


So, you truly despise me?
How can I tell?
It's simple really.
Probably has something to do
with your hurtful comments
as you pass me in the street.
"F***in' slag" and "Filthy slapper".
Or the fact that I have to remove
your saliva from my clothes and hair
whenever I leave my home.

What is it about me
that so incenses you
until you swear you'll kill me?
I am a female like you,
with thoughts and feelings.
I get spots sometimes
and hormonal mood swings.
But unlike you, I have humanity.
For I could never be as spiteful
as you are to me.

You ridicule the way I dress,
so maybe that's it.
But, surely, if I like to wear
a mini-skirt and corset top
on a warm and sunny day,
how can that be hurting you?
When you're wearing something
that suits you and looks really nice,
I smile and compliment you
and mean it from the heart.

Perhaps my long blonde hair offends you,
as you've often threatened to tear it out!
Is it that yours is brittle and damaged
and fails to reach your waist;
and in spite of the many potions you've tried,
it never quite shines like mine?
Well I decided long ago
to stop using dryer and tongs.
My secrets are yours, you've only to ask.
But I guess that would be beneath you.

My make-up, too, is often the butt
of crude derisive jeers.
So what if I like the sultry look
of smoky eyes and scarlet lips?
A few cosmetics have always been
an asset to our gender.
They bring our natural beauty alive
and are fun to choose and combine.
So why not lose your perpetual scowl,
apply some colour and try a smile?

So your boyfriend looked at me?
It's really no big deal.
Mine has eyed up every girl
who ever passed him by.
It doesn't mean they've tired of us,
it's just a thing men do.
Compare it to a shopping trip.
Although you've bought the perfect dress,
that stunning designer one-off,
don't you still love to window shop?

Now don't you think it must be time
to learn to live and let live?
To threats and insults I'm immune,
so you're only degrading yourself.
You'll never suppress the person I am,
nor my Bohemian sense of dress.
Still, I hope through your life self-esteem you'll find,
then your misplaced jealousy
will burn itself out and disappear
to leave you as free as me!


  1. Looks as though she has a lot to be jealous of, and so am I gosh such lovely hair and all the rest! Take jealousy as a compliment my dear and and all the rest as accessories adding to the effectiveness of the compliment not the jealousy. Love your blog:)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment. Makes me feel a whole lot better. So happy you like my blog. It doesn't compare to yours though. It's truly beautiful.


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