Sunday 10 April 2011


I wish you were here with me now in this magical place, as words and pictures alone will never adequately describe the sense of peace and tranquillity that permeates every tree, each stone in this river bed.
Here, is an authentic taste of the Celtic Other world, characteristically nestling below bleak moorland hills and enclosed within dense forest.
As you wander through the thick carpet of regal bluebells, a kingfisher suddenly appears, to guide you to an ancient ruined Hermit's Cell you would otherwise have overlooked, for it is totally obscured from casual observers by thick impenetrable undergrowth.
An awe-inspiring impression of natural religion and nature mysticism penetrates deep into your Soul here. You have reached the very heart of the Celtic Spirit.

As you descend the precipitous crumbling steps beyond the newer hermitage, you are struck by the disturbing notion that if you continue your journey you may never be able to return to the ordinary world again. But you decide to take the risk anyway. Then, at one more turn of the spiral you catch your first glimpse of the hidden waterfall, whose fairy-music you've heard since leaving the main path.
The crystal clear, sparkling water issues from the rock-wall of a ravine to cascade some 10 metres down into a natural stone basin below.
This was an important site of initiation for the ancient Druids, and its trans formative power is active still.

So if someday you are fortunate enough to inadvertently stumble upon this Sacred Shrine, dare to drink of these waters ONLY if you are seeking true enlightenment, for this is a genuine gateway to the Way of Merlyn
and your life will never be the same again!

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