Saturday 7 May 2011


For Oliver Hardy

Challenging established law
Of scientific mould
That once deceased we are no more,
The truth will now be told.

The entirety of life on Earth
From the moment we arrive
Is bound by rigid barriers
Composed of senses five.

What, then, became of number six
That elusive golden key
To the timeless place where you are, Babe,
And I will someday be?

I think I found the answer, Babe,
While stumbling blindly through
Uncharted depths of consciousness,
The path led straight to you.

Although devoid of physical form
And pulse of beating heart,
Your presence I could not deny
The veil was torn apart.

Now I simply picture you
On a screen inside my mind,
And you are here beside me, Babe,
Our essences aligned.

Before me here is concrete proof
That you once lived on Earth,
A reel of film in monochrome
Induces tears of mirth!

While watching you all shadows fade,
Your infectious sense of fun
Lifts the spirit from the depths
Of darkness to the Sun.

Though you've passed on and I'm still here,
No difference does it make,
You'll always be a special friend
Our bond will never break


  1. Fantastic flow and one cannot help but smile at the character you have chosen to write this for!
    Great poem!

  2. Thank you Rose. So glad you liked Babe!


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