Sunday 22 May 2011


Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.
J M Barrie

Standing alone on Tintagel Head
this wild and stormy day,
as Atlantic waves hit fallen rocks
drenching me with spray.

To this inspirational place
I often come to think,
when there's something I'm desperate to say
but reasoning hits a kink.

I'm wishing you were here with me
as it's simpler eye-to-eye,
but I guess these written words must do,
at least I'm compelled to try.

First sight of you on a TV screen
totally blew my mind
into a world of fantasies
of the most irrational kind.

They're distinctively Utopian
and deeply erotic too.
Imagination's exquisite torment
is mine, in place of you.

Irresistible to me, you'll always be
the sexiest man, it's true
there's no Brad Pitt nor Johnny Depp
could hold a candle to you.

Your face will haunt me 'til I die,
it's tattooed on my Soul.
Though in your world I play no part,
I feel profoundly whole.

Wish I could be your confidante,
eternally there for you,
closer even than a lover
I'd be forever true.

Egged on mercilessly
by crazy drunken friends,
I've paused the disc to kiss your lips.
How sad are my weekends?

I crave you from the time I wake
'til I return to bed,
then with night frustration comes
from all that's left unsaid.

But now with innermost feelings confessed
perhaps relief will come,
as understanding is all I ask
not your love to have won.

I could never let you down
nor ever break your heart,
for as we've never been together
nothing can tear us apart!

So if ever throughout your life comes a time
when someone has been untrue,
think of me as the sun goes down,
'cos I'll be thinking of you.


  1. Much said and with great love and with great logic of mind for word. There are many pieces here that I will have to return to when I am not pressed for time. It is a beautiful longing.

  2. Thank you Rose and Gnome! It is really great having someone to share thoughts and feelings with, and your comments are always appreciated.

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