Sunday 28 August 2011


Standing here,
in front of the entrance
to Merlyn's Cave
on Tintagel beach.
Midnight, deserted.
Noisy, intrusive tourists
are long gone.
An eerie silence, broken only
by continual crashing
of mighty Atlantic waves
onto jagged rocky outcrops.

Stepping into the darkness,
leaving protective glow
of full moon outside.
Moving slowly, cautious
of slippery rocks
Cold penetrates
right to the bone here.
Dripping sounds
echo spookily
around ancient sea-sculpted walls.

A sudden movement.
Holding my breath,
listening intently.
Shivering in the clammy
I'm unnerved.
Feel like retracing my steps,
escaping to the safety
of moonlit beach outside.

But a strange impulse
draws me onward.
It's as though my feet
have a will of their own.
So I'm led ever deeper
into the dank interior
of the Earth's bowels.

Peculiar whispering
surrounds me on all sides.
I'm convinced
there's someone in here with me.
'Hello,' I call out,
trying to sound much more confident
than I feel.
No reply,
just the returning echo
of my own voice.
But the whispering
abruptly ceases.

I'm approaching the far end
of the cave now.
I can see the Moon's reflection
in rippling water
through a narrow aperture.
A dark figure passes swiftly
from left to right
just a few feet
in front of me.
'Hello,' I call out again.
Still no answer.
Intrigue competes with fear
as I grope my way forward
to the exact spot
where I just lost sight
of the shadowy form.
There's nothing here
but solid rock wall.

I've never moved so fast
in my entire life!
Impervious to the slippery floor,
cracking shins on stone,
splashing knee-deep in rock pools,
I scramble to the relative security
of silver streaked
sandy beach.

Catching my breath,
I'm compelled to turn
and make sure
I'm not being followed.
in the shadow
of gigantic Tintagel Head above,
stands that same figure,
watching me.
'Who are you?' I call out,
as much in frustration
as any other emotion.
'I am Merlyn!'
a deep voice replies.
I blink
and the beach is deserted. 

This face appeared on the wall in my hall just after this experience.
It is no longer there, but continues to periodically re-appear in the
condensation on my bathroom mirror.
I can find no rational explanation.


  1. You pulled me in with you. This is indeed intriguing. Thanks for telling us about Tintagel beach. From the pics I've googled it does look a place that Merlin would abide. I have to add this place to my list of places to see.

  2. Very chilling! On the left side of the photo of the caves,at the top of the stone steps, there is a shadow that looks like someone in a black cloak and pointed hat! You are very brave to venture into caves I would have run a mile. It is a strange experience to have an apparition re-appear periodically - very disconcerting, are you not afraid? I will look up Tintagel beach - never heard of it before. thanks for sharing you gave me goose bumps with your story.

  3. Hi Gnome, thank you for your interest. It is an extremely intriguing place. I visit at least once a year, out of season whenever I can. Just can't stay away for long!

  4. Hi Rose, Sorry about the goose bumps! I hadn't noticed the figure at the top of the steps, so thank you for pointing it out to me. It does sometimes send a tingle down my spine, but I have had quite a few encounters of the supernatural kind, so try not to panic. That said, it's hard not to sometimes!
    Tintagel is a Sacred place to we Druids :)

  5. Thank you so much Adrian. Really wish you could visit this spot. It is incredible!

  6. incredible, Ygraine!!! I felt like I was there with you ( wish I had been) Maybe you brought someone back with you who appears now and then. This caused me that delicious scary tingling. xo

  7. Thank you so much Nyssa!
    It was an incredibly powerful experience. I have continued to visit this spot every year since then, but to date, have never seen anything like that again.
    However, the face in the mirror still periodically appears.

    I really hope you get to see the cave for yourself someday. It is truly magical. xxx

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