Sunday 6 November 2011


Here lies captured
a fleeting moment
in your life's evolution.
Within this
photographic time capsule
you'll never suffer
adult woes
nor grow old.
I promise to keep you
somewhere safe - at least
for as long as I'm here on Earth.

Wish I could melt
into coloured ink
and sink
into glossy paper.
I'd pick you up
and hug you close
as I loved to do
long ago.
There's such longing
to repair
a broken mother/son bond,
to feel needed again.

The you I see today,
towering high above me
is distant,
far too macho now
for a goodnight kiss.
And I so grieve
discarded childhood;
it's honesty
and simple gestures;
that natural lack
of self-consciousness.
But complacency ensured
that I failed to notice
when the youth shed child form
to become grown man.
So you moved on without me.

is redundant now,
and I no longer
have a name. 


  1. Wow..this was potent..Your saddened heart shining in all these words..your poetic thoughts touch me deeply.. and this whole poem was strong, piercing and vulnerable..and absolutely beautiful. This was visually stunning in my mind and heart and I read each word..charged with such emotion. thankyou!!

  2. I am mom to two young girls and it saddeneds me to think of them as all grown up and not want hugs and kisses from mama.

    Such a beautiful poem filled with emotion. Thank you for sharing.

    Blessings, V.

  3. Victoria, what a wonderful compliment. Thank you so much. I had been feeling this for a while, but could only recently put it into words!
    So happy you liked it:)

  4. Vivienne, Thank you so much for visiting. Don't think you need to worry too much. I believe it's a boy thing - or should I say the macho thing?! Girls seem to hang on to that bond indefinitely.
    I guess it's just hard to accept they have to grow up one day!

    Blessings :)

  5. Ygraine what a lovely poem! motherhood blues expresses the empty nest syndrome so wonderfully.
    Love the imagery that stays stuck in my head since I read it. And such a sweet little boy looking into the camera! Beautifully written :)

  6. Wonderful poem, you have expressed your self very clearly Ygraine.

  7. Thank you Rose.
    I really do miss those days of closeness, especially as he's a rather sullen nineteen-year-old now!!!
    Never mind, time has to move on and we're still best of friends:)

  8. Thank you Mel.
    So glad you liked the poem:)

  9. Absolutely perfect!

    I as a distant dad I feel the sorrow.
    I too
    "Wish I could melt
    into coloured ink
    and sink
    into glossy paper.
    I'd pick you up
    and hug you close
    as I loved to do
    long ago."

    Those lines are so beautiful Ygraine.

  10. So glad you're back Gnome. Really missed you!
    Hope you had a good trip.
    It's difficult watching an only child grow up and move on. I guess I would have liked to freeze-frame time and keep him a child forever (rather selfishly!), but at least we are still quite close:)

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