Friday 25 November 2011


I wonder what you actually see
As you pause at the gate to gaze at me.
Is it a dumb and senseless beast,
Or perhaps your next Sunday feast?

Maybe a new pair of boots comes to mind,
Or do you think my skin is the kind
That would make a quality three piece suite
With a stool on which to rest your feet?

I'm sure it has never occurred to you
That I have thoughts and feelings too.
It was torture when I was snatched from my mother,
Then castrated along with my younger brother.

I would have loved some calves of my own,
But they'd have been veal before they were grown.
So it's probably best that my conscience is clear
Of inflicting on them what I'm suffering here.

For I know it's just a matter of time
Until the abattoir claims this life of mine.
They're like chambers of death from World War Two.
I'll be slaughtered just like a tragic Jew.

So before you turn and walk away
And forget me, please answer me pray,
How can you look into my eyes,
Then go to the pub for steak and fries?


  1. They do have such lovely big brown eyes don't they and eyelashes to die for. And they are such docile creatures (the cows do anyway). Steak and fries? Never ever again:D Good write I feel really guilty!

  2. I have constantly wondered what they think as they watch me pass through the pasture. Now I have an idea, but I'm not giving up my steak and fries!

    "I wonder what you actually see
    As you pause at the gate to gaze at me"
    - perfect!

  3. Your poem agrees with my entire sentiments; further I often think that every meat eater needs to spend time in an abattoir !

  4. Lovely poem. I do feel for the poor things and have often thought of giving up meat. i know my youngest would do it with me but my oldest is a meat and potatoe gal. I'm afraid she would strave. Grteen beans is about the only veggie I can get her to eat.

    Do you know of any vegatarian books with great and easy recipes I could read?

  5. Rose, I just had to write this.
    I took the photo a while ago and was just looking at it last week, when I was overwhelmed by guilt and sadness.
    Wish I felt less deeply sometimes.
    Thanks for your comment :)

  6. Hi Gnome,
    I would never dream of trying to persuade you to give up your steak and fries!!
    I am mostly vegetarian, but still have lapses which I feel extremely guilty about.
    The sight of this animal's face gutted me!

  7. Mel,
    Please don't say that! It would absolutely destroy me. I can't even bear to pass a butcher's shop. Perhaps this is the kick I need to stop eating meat altogether.
    Thank you for that :)

  8. Vivienne,
    I have been a guilty meat-eater all my life. It just felt wrong somehow. I have managed to dramatically cut down, but would love to find the strength to make it all the way. I suppose having to cook for two non-vegetarians every day doesn't help, but the failing is mine alone.
    Wish me strength!!
    I am looking for vegetarian cookery books now.

    Blessings Y

  9. Hi Ygrain

    I have noticed that i have cut down as well. My youngest daughter and I share a staek ofr pork chop. We eat a lot of veggies. I know I could do it. I quit smoking almost two years ago and have cut down to a couple pops a month. if i can do that I can do anything!!!

    Let me know if you find some good books.

    Blessings, V.

  10. Hi Vivienne

    I hope we can both do it someday. Wouldn't it feel good to know we'd saved the life of at least one animal?

    Blessings Y

  11. wonderfully written Ygraine, from the feelings
    of a bovine - they give us so much and we so little, save our own pleasure.

    the rhyme scheme is excellent.

  12. Shauna,

    Thank you so much. I just had to write what I felt this sad and beautiful animal was saying to me.
    I empathized deeply in my heart.

  13. Powerfully haunting post..and deeply touching prose. I love cows too..they are such beautiful all animals are.Your photo is gorgeous! I am hearing the song meat is murder by the smiths playing in my head right now!Your words powerful. I don't eat meat at all..they are such sacred creatures!
    beautiful poetry..hugs Ygraine.
    Shine on..another fantastic writing..

  14. Victoria, how I admire you! I eat very little meat, but even that is way too much. I really MUST give it up NOW.
    You are such an inspiration.
    Thank you so much.

    Blessings & Hugs Y

    ps I simply had to leave that second comment on your post. It is so incredibly beautiful!


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