Saturday 14 January 2012


My love,
             Did I ever tell you
that when you leave
each morning for work
I am afraid
I shall never see you again?

That someone more talented,
more beautiful, more worthy of you
will come into your life
and you'll forget me?

I am so insignificant.
You are extraordinary.

I am the dust
On your shoe.

But you have
My imperfect heart.


  1. Wow!, very emotional because relationships can be very worry some and trying at times :-).

  2. This carries a depth much more than insecurity. It reflects loving one with all ones heart, soul and mind.


  3. All of us who have been fortunate enough to have such a partner will know this feeling, and more than just feeling, total experience. You have expressed it simply and starkly. Beautifully.

    1. Ygraine,
      I found this piece rather disconcerting. However, it redirected my thoughts to the writer's previous lover/s not the present one to which she is writing this rather sad love letter and I can't help but wonder who it was, on her journey of love, that made her feel so insignificant. It evoked anger (if I have to be quite honest)that one person can have such a profound affect on another and then still call it love! And I suppose that is what proetry is all about, arousing the emotions of your readers! And you did that beautifully:D

    2. I didn't find the comment thingy and I think I did this all wrong - please could you advise me how to use this comment box *blush* :-(

  4. Hi Windsmoke,
    Thank you for understanding. So grateful I'm not alone in finding relationships painfully difficult sometimes. I guess we all go through its anxieties:(

  5. Gnome,
    You are so very perceptive.
    I find loving this deeply, by its very nature, brings an inevitable insecurity. When you've put your all into loving, what would happen should that person leave?
    Doesn't bear contemplating!

    Thank you so much. This one came from the heart, and was composed in tears. Putting it into words was truly therapeutic. It desperately needed to be externalised.

    I have no idea why Blogger changed the format. It just appeared like this! Whatever you did, it is published on here just fine.
    I do apologise for invoking anger. These powerful feelings were not caused by being with the person it was written to, but are an emotional accumulation of of past betrayals that have left a deep internal scar (as well as a tendency to feeling insecure).
    I seriously need to learn to trust!
    Thank you so much for caring. Your support is so very important to me.

    1. *chuckles* no need to apologise - thats just me I deplore such injustices that lean toward mental and or physical abuse leaving their victims scarred for life while they, the abusers, lead a normal happy life leaving destruction in their wake! :D

    2. Rose,
      I feel so like you, not so much when it happens to me (I've come to expect it), but to see it happening to others.
      There is far too much selfishness disguised as 'love'.
      Why are there so many people who are unable to be honest?
      One of life's mysteries, I guess!

  6. it's an incredibly transparent write. it's almost on the verge of expecting disaster. and as you say, that has to do with previous experiences. this is an authentic human perspective in our fallen world, leaning a little too much on the object of our love. i adore this poem.

    1. Hi Ed,
      And welcome!
      I so appreciate your comment. Thank you very much.
      One of my main ambitions in this life is to learn to become less dependent in my relationships.
      If only I could learn to trust again....


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