Sunday 8 January 2012


Little sister, how does it feel
To be outside looking in?
You're watching the big girls dressing up
As the party's about to begin.

It's so unfair to be that young
And always overlooked.
You'd give your all to join them there
But your place was never booked.

They push you aside as their boyfriends arrive
In their flashy open-top cars.
You've begged and begged to ride in one, but
That's as likely as visiting Mars.

And how you'd love a boyfriend, too.
One of your very own.
You'd be treated like a princess, of that you're sure,
And would never again feel alone.

But instead you're packed off to bed
With a resentment in your heart
That instigates vile thoughts of revenge
As you seethe there in the dark.

It's so annoying that they expect you to
Be a shoulder when things go wrong.
Yet when you need them, where are they?
Without thought for you, long gone.

So you lie awake until 4am
When you hear them creeping in
With boys in tow, as they climb the stairs
Giggling and whispering 'Let's sin!'

Now you'll pay, you spitefully think,
And you begin to scream and shout
Until you manage to make yourself sick
So your parents come rushing out.

You tell them something unmentionable you've seen
Through a slightly open door.
Then your mother barges in to find them
Frolicking naked on parquet floor.

Little sister,
You're a bitch!


  1. Oh, how I love this one. I have many sisters and remember the spitefulness quite well. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face and the gift of remembrance.

    Blessings, V.

  2. Hi Vivienne, Really pleased I brought a smile to your face. That was the intention!
    Thought my writing had become a bit too serious lately :)
    Very best of luck with everything.

    Blessings Y

  3. This one made me smile because i haven't got any brothers or sisters and don't have to put up with being rejected or discarded like an old worn out shoe :-).

  4. heheehehhe! Beware little sister! smiles. :)

  5. Wow, I didn't see that coming! I was thinking how I remembered being like that when the adults were preparing their Christmas gambling sessions when the whole play suddenly changed. I did spy on them, but nothing like that - just putting money on horses. Dull by comparison. Seemed exciting at the time!

  6. Brilliant!! Fabulous momemtum and imagery.. I always feel such a visual rush and a sense of motion in your it...and I am grinning!I am the little sister of 4 older siblings!ha ha!

  7. Such a charming post love the twist! the flow and rhyme is absolutely brilliant. A brilliant write dear lady! :D

  8. what a read!!! loved it. you've described the teen spirit so well...

  9. Windsmoke,
    Yes, I see your point. There are definitely advantages to being an only child! Thanks for this new perspective :)

  10. Gnome,
    Yes...I think it is indeed wise to beware her.
    You cross her at your peril!!!:)

  11. Dave,
    Thank you. I was the 'little sister'. I was never that bad though, just used to tell tales a bit to get some attention.
    It always backfired on me, so was never worth the effort!! Hehe :)

    Thank you for such a wonderful compliment!
    I still sometimes have that sense of being 'left out' even today. I suppose it is the child within rearing its head now and again, but at least I can laugh about it now. It was fun to add a little poetic licence to my childhood experience :)

    Thank you so much. I so appreciate that :)

    Thank you. It means such a lot to me that you liked it.
    Thankfully, I was never THAT mean! Ha ha :)


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