Saturday 3 March 2012


If you loved me, you'd tell me sometimes
Not leave me to worry and fret.
It destroys my confidence being unsure
Whether we're an item yet.

If you loved me, you'd take me out
At least five times each week,
And you'd be sure to give me all
The attention I desperately seek.

If you loved me, you'd buy me roses,
At least a dozen red;
And by first class, they'd be delivered
To the table beside my bed.

If you loved me, you'd never look
At any girl but me,
Because if you did it would surely mean
You wished that you were free.

If you loved me, this evening we'd be
In a lavish hotel being fed,
And then by midnight we'd be upstairs
Making love in a four poster bed.

If you loved me, you'd surprise me with
A ring of diamonds and gold,
And you'd tell me how I'm the only one
You long to have and hold.

Instead, I'm always just hanging around
Waiting for you to call
Because you're out with the boys again
Kicking a stupid ball.

If you loved me, you would accept
That footie's a part of my life.
But instead you always nag me to quit
And cause a lot of strife.

If you loved me, you'd understand
That I need some fun with the lads,
Because there'll be no time when we're
Responsible hard-working dads.

If you loved me, you'd appreciate
The little gestures I make,
Instead of demanding more and more
And turning me into a fake.

If you loved me, you wouldn't need me
To say 'I love you' all day.
Surely it's proof enough that I'm here.
If I didn't, then why would I stay?

If you loved me, you'd realise
That on my cashier's pay,
I can't afford to take you out
To smart hotels each day.

If you loved me, you wouldn't expect me
To make you my wife before
I'm ready for such a drastic step.
That would kill our love for sure.

I sometimes think that all you want
Is a mindless, compliant slave.
This girl-power madness possessing you
Will destroy the very things you crave.

I may be mistaken, so please feel free
To correct me if I am;
But I believe love is a sharing thing,
Rather than self-serving sham.

It's finding contentment in each other
Without demanding change.
It's caring how the other feels
And allowing them free-range.

It's never trying to make them conform
To your will by threat or guilt.
It's learning to appreciate who they are.
That's how true love is built!


  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent - wow - bravo! a wonderful 3some :D And so truly typical of girl boy relationships! You are not mistaken -...... 'surely its proof enough that I'm here' ... grrrr ... they actually say that don't they *chuckles* is 'I love you' really that hard to say? or are they just commitment shy? :D

    1. Hi Rose, how can I possibly thank you enough for such a wonderful comment?
      You're absolutely right-they do actually say that. Been there many times. Think it's probably a built-in commitment phobia (a man thing)!
      Goodness knows how they see us. Don't think I really want to know!!

  2. Relationships are tricky and full of pitfalls when you've got the wrong partner :-).

    1. Hi Windsmoke, You're so right!
      I just often wonder why we're so often drawn to people who are wrong for us.
      One of life's unsolved mysteries, I guess!

  3. I have to agree with the summing up in part 3 - or poem 3, whichever. This is a great idea perfectly executed.

    1. Hi Dave, so glad there are some people out there who feel as I do about this rather sensitive subject.
      Took me many years to arrive here, but think I may have finally arrived!

  4. Love this. I think it is wonderful how you caught the way both sides feel in a relationship. I believe love is all about sharing as well.

    Blessings, V.

    1. Thank you so much, Vivienne.
      In an ideal world, I guess we'd all feel this way.
      It would put divorce lawyers out of a job though wouldn't it?!

  5. Wow Ygraine..brilliantly written..super powerful...I love the three voices .. a triad of poetry...very cool! well said..I is truly an empowering essence ..allowing one another to be who they are fully..and to be celebrated just as you are..!

    1. Victoria, you are so kind!
      It really means so much to me that you liked the poem, and that you know where I am coming from.
      Many, many thanks.

      Blessings Y

  6. I came back for another read. It's even better than last time!

    1. Hi again Dave,
      I feel so honoured - you have made my weekend!
      Thank you so very much :)

  7. Happy womans day to you Ygraine! Celebrate wildly :D

    1. Hi Rose,
      can you believe I had no idea it was woman's day?
      At least I now have a belated excuse for a wild weekend! Many thanks for that.
      Hope you had lots of fun!!


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